• 2014 December 26

    Industry-focused astrological forecast from IAA PortNews

    Astrological factors show that the year of 2015 is likely to be more peaceful than the previous one and the astrological forecast promises calm and stability. The year of the Goat (Sheep) will see less tough and tense standoffs worldwide, planetary configuration will make a smoothing impact.



    Born under the sigh of Aries:

    Andrei Aprelenko

    Rescue & Environmental Operations Centre OJSC (ECOSPAS), Director General

    March 22

    Mubariz Mansimov 

    Palmali GROUP, President

    March 22

    Gennady Egorov

    Marine Engineering Bureau, Director General

    March 23

    Nadezhda Zhikhareva

    Department of State Policy for Marine and River Transport, deputy Director

    April 05

    Andrei Dutov

     Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade

    April 07

    Stanislav Korneyev

    Baltic Fuel Company, Director General

    April 11

    Igor Ganin

    Prime Shipping, Director General

    April 13


    Born under the sigh of Taurean:

    Aleksandr Shcherbinin

    Container Terminal SPb CJSC, Managing Director

    April 25

    Victor Olersky

    Deputy Transport Minister

    April 26

    Tatiana Pantina

    Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, Prorector

    May 01

    Anatoly Aleksashin

    Krylov State Research Center, Director General

    May 05

    Aleksandr Zaitsev

    Association of Ports and River Transport Owners, President

    May 09

    Sergei Bryzgalov

    V.F.Tanker, Managing Director

    May 10

    Aleksei Shukletsov

    Fenix LLC, Executive Director

    May 17


    Born under the sigh of Twins:

    Aleksandr Galai

    Moscow State Academy of Water Transport, Acting Rector

    May 23

    Vyacheslav Igonin

    Tanker Shipping Company Navigator LLC, Director General

    June 01

    Nikolai Lebedev

    Transas, Director General

    June 08

    Aleksandr Davydenko

    Federal Marine and River Transport Agency, Head

    June 09

    Pavel Oleynik

    Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg OJSC,  Managing Director

    June 11


    Born under the sigh of Cancer:

    Sergei Buyanov

    CNIIMF, Director General

    June 22

    Vladimir Yakunin

    Russian Railways OJSC, President

    June 30

    Andrei Vasilyev

    Gazpromneft Marine Bunker LLC, Director General

    June 30

    Sergei Sedov

    Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Director General

    July 11

    Albert Vygovsky

    North-Western Shipping Company, Managing Director

    July 11


    Vladimir Kasyanenko

    North-Western Shipping Company, BoD Chairman 

    July 12

    Sergei Kiselev

    RPK-Vysotsk-LUKOIL-II, Deputy Director General

    July 12

    Vadim Akimov

    Damen Shipayrds, Director

    July 12

    Andrei Belyaninov

    Head of the Federal Customs Service

    July 14

    Aleksei Rakhmanov

    United Shipbuilding Corporation OJSC, President

    July 18

    Peotr Parinov

     Head of FSBI Baltic Sea Ports Authority

    July 22


    Born under the sigh of Leo:

    Sultan Batov

    NCSP OJSC, Director General

    July 31

    Yevgeny Savkin

    PORT FLEET CJSC, Director General

    August 07

    Andrei Tarasenko

    FSUE Rosmorport, Director General

    August 09

    Sergei Frank

    Sovcomflot, President and CEO

    August 13

    Konstantin Anisimov

    Moscow Shipping Company OJSC, Director General

    August 15

    Konstantin Palnikov

     Transport Ministry’s Department of State Policy for Marine and River Transport, Director

    August 16

    Aleksei Tyukavin

    First Vice-Governor of the Murmansk Region

    August 20

    Andrei Kuropyatnikov

    FSUE Morsvyazsputnik, Director General

    August 20

    Born under the sigh of Virgo:

    Yevgeny Appolonov

    St. Pb Marine University, Acting Rector 

    August 22

    Vladimir Pelevin

    BashVolgotanker CJSC, Managing Director

    August 24

    Sergei Generalov

    Owner of Industrial Investors group

    September 7

    Vitaly Klyuyev

    Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport of RF Transportation Ministry, Deputy Director

    September 14

    Born under the sigh of Libra:

    Yevgeny Moskvichev

    Head of the State Duma Transport Committee

    September 28

    Maxim Sokolov

    Transport Minister

    September 29

    Kirill Shirshov

    LUKOIL-BUNKER LLC, Deputy General Director for Commerce

    October 4

    Vladimir Dyukov

    Krylov State Research Center, Deputy Director General

    October 10

    Andrei Lavrishchev

    FSUE Rosmorport, Executive Director

    October 12

    Konstantin Sokolov

    FESCO, President

    October 19


    Born under the sigh of Scorpio:

    Vladimir Nikolayev

    Head of Volgo-Balt Administration

    November 04

    Leonid Bagrov

    Ex-Minister of RSFSR River Fleet

    November 12

    Igor Rusu

    RMP-Taman LLC, Director General

    November 20

    Born under the sigh of Sagittarius:

    Vladimir Yerygin

    Head of Azov - Black Sea Basin Administration

    November 25

    Sergei Baryshnikov

    Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, Rector

    November 27

    Igor Teleshev

    Petersburg Oil Terminal CJSC, Director General

    November 30

    Sergei Ogai

    Maritime State University named after Admiral Nevelskoy, Rector

    December 02

    Sergei Saritsky

    Head of State Marine and River Supervisory Authority 

    December 03

    Anatoly Lazarev

    Vostochny Port OJSC, Managing Director

    December 8

    Vitaly Yuzhilin

    Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

    December 10

    Konstantin Busygin

    Head of Russian Border Services Agency 

    December 11

    Dmitry Purim

    Sovfracht OJSC, Director General

    December 13

    Dmitry Rogozin

    Deputy Prime Minister

    December 21

    Born under the sigh of Capricorn: 

    Aleksei Klyavin

    Russian Chamber of Shipping, President

    December 26

    Serik Zhusupov

    Association of Commercial Sea Ports, Executive Director

    December 26

    Vitaly Chernov

    IAA PortNews, Editor-in-Chief

    December 29

    Vitaly Kovalev

    Russian Association of marine and river Bunker Suppliers, President

    January 3

    Igor Tonkovidov

    Sovcomflot, First Deputy Director General – Chief Engineer

    January 5

    Igor Fedorov

    T.A.Management LLC, Director General

    January 14

    Born under the sigh of Aquarius: 

    Aleksandr Trofimov

    Vodohod LLC, Managing Director

    January 30

    Vitaly Yusufov

    Nordic Yards, President

    February 1

    Vsevolod Peresypkin

    CNIIMF Director General

    February 02

    Vladimir Kulikov

    Okskaya Sudoverf OJSC, Director General

    February 02

    Andrei Belentyev 

    Transas, Head of Marine Division

    February 5

    Vyacheslav Ruksha

    FSUE Atomflot, Director General

    February 17

    Yevgeny Kormyshov

     Ob-Irtysh River Shipping OJSC, Director General

    February 20

    Igor Levitin

    Presidential adviser

    February 21

    Leonid Strugov

    First Vise-President of United Shipbuilding Corporation

    February 21

    Born under the sigh of Pisces:

    Denis Manturov

    Minister of Industry and Trade

    February 23

    Oleg Timofeev

    Krylov State Research Center, Deputy Director General

    February 28

    Vladimir Alekseev

    Port Kolomna OJSC, Director General

    March 1

    Aleksandr Shishkin

    Volga Shipping Company OJSC, Managing Director

    March 4

    Dmitry Karpenko

    Baltic Bunkering Company LLC, Director General

    March 5

    Marina Kovtun

    Murmansk Region Governor

    March 10

    Yevgeny Korban

    Rosterminalugol OJSC, Managing Director

    March 10

    Mikhail Shvalev

    Azov-Don Shipping Company CJSC, Director General

    March 14

    Dmitry Atlashkin

    head of the North-West department of Gosmorrechnadzor

    March 19

    Prepared by Nadezhda Malysheva

    Based on materials from www.worldluxrealty.com and www.astrorok.ru