• 2020 June 11

    Interview with Vladimir Maizus, General Director of Onezhsky Shipyard

    In his interview with IAA PortNews, Vladimir Maizus, General Director of Onezhsky Shipbuilding, Ship Repair Yard which has recently laid down the lead crab catcher for a Russian customer, tells about the shipyard’s order portfolio, modernization and construction of fishing ships.

    - Mr Maizus, when do you plan to deliver the crab catcher laid down on June 8 to Russian Crab Group? When will the series of seven ships be delivered?

    - We plan to deliver the lead ship in June 2022. The seventh ship of the series is to be delivered in June 2024.

    - When was the contract signed with Damen for the ship designing?

    - The contract with Damen Engineering (Saint-Petersburg) for designing has not been signed yet due to some issues between the customer and designer yet to be settled. However, we are already provided with documents needed for construction of the ship. We hope to sign the contract in the nearest future.

    - What about the interaction between the customer and designer? How is it going in the process of construction?

    - Basing on the software platform of Damen we have developed a system for a tripartite interaction involving the designer, the shipyard and the customer for a development of design documentation. With it, all the three parties can simultaneously check for documentation updates, comment and respond to others’ remarks. Besides, we are in constant communication with the designer and the customer through teleconferences and meetings.

    - What is the local content in the project?

    - The design fully complies with RF Government’s Decree date 17 July 2015 (No 719) “On confirmation of industrial goods production in the territory of the Russian Federation” in terms of technical documentation, metal/hull weight ratio and equipment units (at least 8).

    - What does the shipyard’s backlog of orders include? What period does it cover?

    - As of today, the company is building two self-propelled hopper barges of Project НВ-600, azimuth stern drive tug of Project ASD 3413 Ice, two hybrid work boats of Project ST23WIM-H, two crab catchers of Project CCa 5712LS of a 7-unit series ordered by Russian Crab Group.

    We are learning to build new types of ships, mastering new technologies applied in shipbuilding. The plans of the shipyard include construction of LNG carrying ships and possible expansion of the range of fishing ships. The shipyard is loaded with orders for the coming five years.

    - The shipyard is implementing the project of in-depth modernization. What has been done by today, how much has been spent and what are the plans for 2020-2021 in terms of resources and activities?

    - The project is currently in the phase of technical design and documentation development. Principal technological solutions have been defined. The list of equipment has been made and approved. Underway is the development of documents for the state expert approval and for inclusion of the project into the state programme “Development of shipbuilding and marine equipment for offshore projects”.

    I hope all these issues will be settled this year despite the delays caused by pandemic related constraints and the project financing and implementation will begin in 2021. Total investments into the project are estimated at RUB 5.5 billion.

    The answers are prepared by the company’s press center.

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