Safe coal transshipment at the terminal of Vostochny Port JSC

For the clean handling of coal it is necessary to utilized specialized high-tech equipment (tandem car dumpers, conveyor system, stackers, reclaimers and shiploaders), which enable the terminal to quickly handle large volumes of coal and prevent negative impact on the environment.

For each segment of the technological process of coal transfer, terminals provide unique solutions for ensuring environmental safety and eliminating dusting: rail cars unloading station with fully automated rotary car dumpers and Dry Fog dust suppression system; coal transfer and storage stations with conveyors and wind screens; ship loading station with innovative shiploader's telescopic loading chute and additional facilities to protect the environment (air-cleaning installations, water purification systems, remotely piloted drones, vacuum cleaners, etc).

Vostochny Port JSC invested about RUB 1 bln over the recent four years. Investments in modernization of equipment complying with today’s environmental standards totaled RUB 705 mln. RUB 105 mln was spent for recovery of biological resources. In 2017, the company is going to spend RUB 150 mln for routine environmental purposes.