• 2020 October 28

    Sofya Katkova, Project Manager, Morstroytechnology

    On prospects of handling timber and PPM cargo in Russia

    - Shipments of timber in containers is just one of the logistic segments. The international practice is to carry timber and products of pulp and paper mills in bulk with large consignments. There is no technology of that kind in Russia, hence it is the technology which is actually a solution.

    ... The pellet market is quite interesting. Special terminal are needed for that purpose. For example, Canada as one of pellet exporters loads 75,000 dwt ships while the Great Britain ships 6 million tonnes of pellets per year from one dedicated terminal. Of course, there is a conveyor line, shiploading machines and adequate depth there. In Arkhangelsk, there is a terminal, loading both timber and pellets on both sea a river ships (Lesozavod-25 – Ed.). I think expansion of that terminal for both local products and for attraction of larger manufacturers in the pellet segment would be a breakthrough for Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk Region.

    Said at the Arctic Forum Week (Arkhangelsk, 22-23 October 2020).