British Ports Association

2021 November 12

10:19 COP26 Transport Day: MPs back co-investment model for shore power

2021 October 21

11:32 Challenges and optimism: Mixed views from ports industry on business outlook
11:09 DP World is officially named Port Operator of the Year at 2021 Multimodal Award

2021 September 18

10:49 Industry alarmed as spat between governments threatens investment in Scottish ports – BPA

2021 September 16

14:37 UK ports welcome public support for clean maritime projects

2021 September 14

16:21 British Ports Association responds to Government Brexit borders announcement

2021 September 7

09:21 BPA welcomes proposal to close the legal loophole on Jet Skis, to make our coastlines safer

2021 September 2

10:09 BPA welcomes developments in Freeports but urges the importance of inclusivity

2021 August 27

11:29 BPA calls on all UK ports, harbours and marine facilities to report through to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, as a priority
10:04 British Ports Association: Government must act on supply chain pressures

2021 August 6

15:14 New map shows the scale of ports and harbour coverage across the UK

2021 July 29

10:00 British Ports Association welcomes the resumption of international cruise in England

2021 July 2

12:38 Bridge or tunnel between Ireland and Great Britain likely to cost £40 billion

2021 June 29

10:47 British Ports Association joins global ports sustainability programme

2021 June 9

17:16 UK Ports looking at new business opportunities post pandemic

2021 May 8

10:12 Ports prepare for digital revolution: report examining connectivity at UK's economic gateways

2021 April 27

14:03 Incoming British Ports Association Chair praises port resilience

2021 April 26

14:23 Scottish Ports Group Publishes 2021 Scottish Election Priorities

2021 April 12

14:35 Recruiting for senior positions in the ports industry: the BPA examines how to avoid the pitfalls and perils!

2021 March 23

17:13 British Ports Association urging final push with important UK-wide marine safety compliance exercise

2021 March 20

11:13 UK ports industry calls on UK administrations to prioritise industry over politics

2021 March 11

17:41 British Ports Association welcomes significant Brexit borders extension
10:23 UK port industry welcomes focus on freight in interim Union Connectivity Review

2021 March 3

17:24 Chancellor put ports at heart of regional growth and prosperity

2021 March 1

10:41 New research: unlocking a triple-win for UK ports and shipping

2021 February 25

17:49 BPA reports lowest passenger numbers in 60 years

2021 February 5

11:16 Ports set out Freeports priorities ahead of application deadline

2021 February 3

10:44 Ports welcome Scottish Gov't funding for hard-hit fishing harbours

2021 January 28

11:04 BPA: Ports survey reflects mood of tentative optimism for 2021

2021 January 22

10:39 Scottish Ports Group welcomes Scottish Goverment's establishment of 'Greenports'

2021 January 19

10:12 BPA: Vaccine prioritisation needed for the unsung heroes of the UK ports sector

2021 January 5

11:13 BPA: Port growth back on the agenda for 2021

2020 December 25

10:13 BPA welcomes Brexit trade deal but warns there will still be major changes for our trade with Europe

2020 December 21

11:08 British Ports Association releases statement on cross border travel situation

2020 December 17

15:06 Global Container Congestion: BPA Statement on calls for an inquiry
14:03 British Ports Association: Ports concerned infrastructure funding won’t be sufficient and warning that timescales are becoming extremely challenging

2020 December 12

16:39 British Ports Association: statement on global container congestion affecting UK ports

2020 December 10

17:19 British Ports Association: Q3 trade figures reflet unprecedented trade volatility

2020 November 28

10:57 Managing passenger shipping for the benefit of all stakeholders

2020 November 26

10:26 BPA: Gov't one year spending review
09:01 BPA calls for government to back a better connected Britain

2020 November 22

11:41 BPA announces the release of UK Ports industry magazine

2020 November 15

10:21 Ports welcome freeports milestone amid growing calls for the opportunities to be made available to all regions

2020 November 7

12:04 British Ports Association examines the future of aerial drone activity in UK ports

2020 November 6

10:06 BPA urges government not to let devolved administrations fall behind on Freeports

2020 October 19

17:48 BPA to host 5G workshop

2020 October 8

16:29 UK Gov't borders proposals a welcome step but timescales remain short

2020 October 7

17:13 Freeports proposals now looking more inclusive for UK ports

2020 October 3

11:18 Red diesel tax changes will hammer ports industry with no likely impact on emissions, say BPA

2020 October 2

10:21 British Ports welcomes new Brexit borders infrastructure funding

2020 September 25

10:37 British Ports Association sets out spending review priorities

2020 September 23

16:42 British Ports responds to reasonable worst-case scenario Brexit assumptions

2020 September 12

10:47 Ports reveal huge scale of industry environmental efforts

2020 September 6

14:51 Brexit: Border infrastructure planning easements welcome but timescales remain tight, BPA says

2020 July 28

18:37 Scottish Ports Group elects new chairman
17:30 British Ports Association to conduct major review of port transport and infrastructure connectivity

2020 March 2

15:21 BPA: Coronavirus funding needed to keep Britain safe and trade flowing
12:01 The British ports industry requests further support for port health authorities to prevent COVID-19 spreading

2019 October 18

12:01 British Ports Association publishes new assessment of business environment ahead of annual conference in Belfast

2019 August 8

13:16 British Ports Association and Port of Rotterdam launch smart ports paper