2021 December 9

13:02 Xeneta and Compass Financial Technologies partner to launch the industry’s most in-depth daily container freight index

2021 November 30

12:50 Container shipping costs up by 121.2% year-on-year - Xeneta

2021 October 29

14:21 Xeneta container rates alert: strong demand and supply chain strain continue to drive long-term ocean freight rates

2021 September 30

10:49 Xeneta container rates alert: long-term ocean freight rates now up over 90% year-on-year

2021 August 31

11:03 Xeneta container rates alert: rising long-term rates and port congestion compound cargo owner woes

2021 August 5

15:24 Xeneta container rates alert: shippers stunned as long-term rates surge by almost 30% in a month

2021 June 11

11:33 Xeneta selects CLIVE Data Services’ ‘dynamic loadfactor’ data and analyses to deliver complete air cargo market intelligence

2021 April 29

10:05 Xeneta container rates alert: shippers on the ropes as long-term contracted rates hit highs and Ever Given chaos continues

2021 April 22

18:05 Xeneta launches public Xeneta Shipping Index for short-term market, unlocking daily rate tracking

2021 January 30

11:42 Xeneta container rates alert: container turmoil driving long-term freight rates to historic highs

2020 May 30

15:27 Xeneta Container Rates alert: continued global uncertainty hits rates, but worst fears yet to be realised

2020 April 29

12:03 Xeneta container rates alert: proactive strategies from carriers help ocean freight rates stand strong in face of Coronavirus

2020 February 27

13:12 Xeneta container rates alert: long-term contracted rates hold despite Coronavirus chaos

2019 December 23

15:21 Xeneta container rates alert: year ends on a high for carriers, but lack of sulphur surcharge transparency raises market concerns

2019 November 28

15:06 Liners can breathe a sigh of relief as global rates show positive development across key trades, Xeneta report shows

2019 July 31

15:23 Xeneta: Trade war impacting on Far East-US rates as carriers move to improve demand-supply fundamentals on European routes

2019 June 20

18:36 Xeneta and Catapult announce agreement

2019 May 31

14:07 Xeneta reveals jump in contracted freight rates for containership segment

2019 February 27

15:33 Xeneta reveals container segment boost with increased US exports and European imports

2018 December 16

12:32 Executives must watch both sea and air amid trade war tensions, warns Xeneta

2018 November 28

13:02 Xeneta unveils XSI Public Indices, delivering monthly insights on long-term ocean freight rate development

2018 June 27

14:34 Xeneta transforms ocean freight rate negotiations and launches a new index contract offering

2018 June 6

15:42 Xeneta data powers DNB Markets forecasting model, keeping customers ahead of the market on Maersk

2018 May 16

13:32 Xeneta achieves Gartner Cool Vendor status for real-time ocean freight rates intelligence

2018 February 19

14:26 Xeneta increases its data coverage by 161% in 2017

2017 December 5

16:24 Xeneta introduces powerhouse NVO commercial team

2017 November 30

16:05 Xeneta launches reefer container rates as part of its ocean freight rate benchmarking & market intelligence platform

2017 October 3

16:03 Xeneta sees mixed fortunes for container segment’s peak season

2017 August 29

12:51 Are mega-ships more dangerous than Trump for recovering container industry, asks Xeneta

2017 February 10

15:00 Smedvig Capital lead £12m investment in Shipping Container Pricing Index Xeneta
09:44 Xeneta raises $12M in a Series B investment round from Smedvig Capital

2016 October 27

13:17 Container shipping market still rocked by unpredictability, but prices are climbing, reveals Xeneta

2016 September 29

12:37 Xeneta CEO Patrik Berglund wins Next Generation Shipping Award

2016 September 26

13:23 Xeneta expands into US market with opening New York office

2016 September 20

15:16 Xeneta says shipper community reeling from Hanjin aftershocks

2016 September 6

12:53 Xeneta says rising rates disguise fundamental weakness of 2016 container segment

2016 July 7

12:53 Xeneta believes Panama Canal extension may be bad news for some container ship carriers

2016 June 30

14:11 Xeneta says container shipping segment may be hit after Brexit vote

2016 June 22

12:01 Recovering freight rates for the Far East Asia – North Europe corridor pose risks for shippers, says Xeneta

2016 June 10

09:21 Xeneta reveals the top three reasons freight shippers switch containership carriers

2016 May 18

15:55 Xeneta proposes revolution in container shipping, transforming market with ‘commodity’ status