2021 August 10

14:57 RINA awarded a framework contract by EMSA to support initiatives to increase the availability of LNG in the medium term

2021 August 6

12:51 RINA awards a framework contract by EMSA to support initiatives to increase the availability of LNG in the medium term

2021 July 27

12:25 ABS leads EMSA consortium studying alternative fuels and technologies

2021 June 22

18:13 Finnish authorities actively using EMSA’s remotely piloted aircraft to support vital coast guard tasks over the Baltic Sea
17:57 EMSA: EU ship traffic fell by 10% in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

2021 May 20

14:55 EMSA and ECDC issue first revision of their COVID-19 Guidance for Cruise Ship Operations

2021 April 16

16:01 Baltic countries benefit from EMSA’s regional RPAS service for enhanced maritime surveillance

2021 January 14

12:04 Portuguese and Greek Prime Ministers visit European Maritime Safety Agency

2020 November 6

10:47 Belgian Port of Antwerp using EMSA RPAS for pollution monitoring

2020 October 29

16:59 Romania’s border authorities using EMSA RPAS for coast guard surveillance

2020 October 12

16:55 EMSA’s RPAS enhances maritime surveillance of the French Mediterranean Sea
16:38 Sniffer drone deployed in the strait of Pas-de-Calais to monitor ship emissions

2020 July 31

09:08 EMSA and ECDC issue guidance in response to COVID-19 challenges

2020 July 23

15:55 EMSA’s RPAS surveillance flights in support of EFCA’s fisheries control resumed

2020 July 22

13:21 EMSA's oil spill recovery vessels participate in the operational exercise Breeze 2020

2020 February 7

12:02 RPAS surveillance flights being used to enhance fisheries control

2019 December 13

11:12 WMU and EMSA cooperate on capacity building and research

2019 November 29

12:32 EMSA participates in POLEX 2019 pollution response exercise in Spain

2019 October 29

17:06 The European Maritime Safety Agency releases guidance on the enforcement of EU Ship Recycling Regulation

2019 October 7

13:50 Stress test assesses large-scale oil spill European response capabilities in the Atlantic

2019 February 7

16:42 Spanish maritime safety agency started using EMSA’s RPAS for identifying and monitoring oil spills
16:21 EMSA launches the “European Neighbours Policy” Maritime Fellowships at WMU

2018 September 10

12:06 Executive Director of EMSA gets maritime safety award

2017 August 16

14:50 EMSA launches a monitoring, reporting and verification system to help reduce CO2 emissions from shipping at EU level

2017 June 14

11:00 IMO’s Marine Safety Committee (MSC) adopts amendments to SOLAS2020

2016 April 4

11:48 Oil recovery readiness agreement for northern Baltic Sea expiring