2021 October 6

14:38 Corporación Navios replaces its long duty cycle crane with a harbour crane type FCC 300

2021 August 9

12:02 PD Ports invests £0.9 million in Liebherr crane to boost productivity and support strategic growth at Groveport

2021 July 26

16:03 Mobile harbour crane investment to further improve cargo handling efficiency at Port of Newcastle

2021 May 18

15:48 Tanger Alliance at the TC3 terminal in Tanger Med operating at full capacity with eight new Liebherr ship to shore container cranes

2021 May 14

08:24 Port of Ayr completes £2.2m investment strategy with new crane delivery

2019 November 28

17:50 Bronka puts into operation new Liebherr LHM 800 mobile crane

2019 September 9

17:03 Liebherr opens new subsidiary in Hamburg Port

2019 January 17

15:31 Liebherr supports the 6th International Forum of Dredging Companies as its Sponsor

2018 September 26

09:08 Hansa Heavy Lift moves fully assembled Liebherr cranes from Ireland to the UK

2018 August 22

09:15 Liebherr and PortNews arrange an excursion to Port of Hamburg and Liebherr facility at SMM 2018

2018 July 24

10:38 New Liebherr crane delivered to Yug-2 terminal of Ust-Luga seaport

2018 April 18

13:08 Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga purchased Liebherr crane as part of Yug-2 terminal modernization (photo)

2017 June 21

14:33 Port of Grangemouth orders new Liebherr ship-to-shore crane

2017 March 3

10:18 Three new gantry cranes manufactured for Crowley’s Puerto Rico Terminal

2015 September 28

17:56 Bronka takes delivery of unique harbor crane Liebherr LHM 800 (photo)

2015 September 16

12:50 MSCC Bronka welcomes second batch of STS Liebherr cranes (photo)

2015 August 24

11:05 Two STS Liebherr cranes delivered to Bronka (photo)

2015 July 8

18:13 Unique crane for port Bronka is under assembling in Rostock, Germany (photo)

2015 June 24

09:55 First STS Liebherr crane for MMPK Bronka is being prepared for shipping in Germany (photo)
09:15 LHM 600 Liebherr mobile harbour crane put into operation at Wallmann terminal in Hamburg (photo)

2015 June 1

15:14 Liebherr cranes delivered to port Sabetta (photo)

2015 May 21

11:34 Liebherr to supply first two STS cranes to port Bronka in August 2015 (photo)