Port of Rotterdam

2020 November 26

18:00 Port of Rotterdam to embark on 100 innovative pilot projects

2020 November 18

13:12 Maashaven once again Rotterdam’s leading inland port

2020 November 17

18:17 Distripark Maasvlakte West almost rounded off

2020 November 16

10:15 CMA CGM and Total complete world’s largest liquefied natural gas bunkering operation at Port of Rotterdam

2020 November 14

10:51 Port of Rotterdam: LNG becoming increasingly popular in the shipping sector

2020 November 11

14:36 Deepened Amazonehaven welcomes first ship

2020 November 10

13:09 EPS managed vessel M/V CMA CGM Tenere successfully carried out the company’s first LNG bunkering

2020 November 8

14:34 Testbed for deepening quay walls with the aid of underwater anchor points

2020 November 4

14:38 Port of Rotterdam Authority performing trial with water injection dredging

2020 November 3

16:05 Port of Rotterdam Authority performs trial with water injection dredging
10:36 The Port of Rotterdam Authority supports the fight against plastic pellet pollution

2020 October 24

13:28 Port Authority launches new campaign against litter

2020 October 23

12:55 An agreement made to explore the possibilities of green hydrogen export from Iceland to Rotterdam

2020 October 21

16:41 Port of Rotterdam throughput in first three quarters of 2020 falls 8.8% short of last year’s total
16:05 Port of Rotterdam Authority starts to produce and spread bokashi

2020 October 16

12:06 Belgian and Dutch inland ports plan to establish a single shore-based power system

2020 October 15

12:16 Rotterdam presents ambitious shore-based power strategy for sea-going vessels

2020 October 14

13:32 Rotterdam presents ambitious shore-based power strategy for sea-going vessels

2020 October 7

15:04 Port of Rotterdam Authority becomes the member of new Future Fuels Network

2020 October 3

12:37 102 million euros in funding on the horizon for Porthos carbon storage project

2020 October 2

17:06 De Haas Rotterdam to expand RDM location with new boat hoist and greater capacity

2020 September 30

18:06 Drone delivers package to inland vessel in port of Rotterdam

2020 September 28

14:12 Submersible robot buries power cables for offshore wind farms 5.5 metres below seabed to the north of Maasvlakte

2020 September 22

15:34 Boudewijn Siemons appointed as new Port Authority COO

2020 September 4

17:05 Deal Drecht Cities and Port of Rotterdam Authority continue partnership
15:01 New Swiss tunnel improves North-South rail connection with port of Rotterdam

2020 August 31

18:14 The Port of Rotterdam braced for Brexit
16:34 Port of Rotterdam Authority builds hypermodern multifunctional business complex on RDM
15:32 Port of Rotterdam Authority joins Dutch mission to disaster-stricken port of Beirut

2020 August 30

11:25 Part of Maasvlakte Beach temporarily closed to the public

2020 August 28

18:09 Bonn & Mees unloads inland vessel hulls at Waalhaven

2020 August 27

11:52 Port of Rotterdam renews its EcoPorts’ environmental management standard

2020 August 13

17:36 HMM Rotterdam en route to Rotterdam

2020 July 29

11:47 The Port of Rotterdam Authority is the first port to become a member of the Hydrogen Council

2020 July 27

16:29 Busan Port Authority commissioned Hercuton to develop a sustainable logistics warehouse in the Port of Rotterdam
09:32 Navigate offers Unifeeder’s customers a great insight into its extensive coverage between Rotterdam and the rest of Europe

2020 July 20

14:29 EU backs construction of Theemsweg route

2020 July 17

16:05 EU grant for hydrogen project in inland shipping

2020 July 15

12:01 Newly-built berthing area in the Elbe River is powered by nineteen solar panels

2020 July 9

17:28 Port of Rotterdam to start trial with PIN-free container handling

2020 July 7

14:32 Air Liquide and the Port of Rotterdam Authority launch initiative for hydrogen road transport

2020 July 6

17:30 Kloosterboer starts construction of Cool Port II at City Terminal Rotterdam

2020 July 3

18:37 DistriRail adds its rail schedules to the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s Navigate tool

2020 June 29

18:37 PortXL presents 22 promising and innovative maritime start-ups and scale-ups

2020 June 27

16:13 Exceptional growth in export of tree logs from Port of Rotterdam

2020 June 25

17:04 Dutch Seaports win International Award for Sustainability
16:34 Barge Transferium Maasvlakte at the ECT Delta terminal starts operations

2020 June 23

17:04 Alsace Rotterdam Express adds a second stop at the RWG terminal on the Maasvlakte to the schedule

2020 June 17

16:35 WPCAP ports aligned in series of new climate change actions

2020 June 9

18:36 The DeltaPORT Donatiefonds awarded a third series of ‘Covid donations’

2020 June 5

12:01 Port of Rotterdam Authority decides to hold RFT for transport service along Container Exchange Route
10:28 Marseille Maersk sets up new record for the port of Rotterdam

2020 June 3

14:11 Key players develop emission-free navigation solution for barges

2020 May 28

18:07 PortXchange results in shorter idle times on departure at APM Terminals Rotterdam

2020 May 27

12:01 Payment term for sea port dues remains 30 days for the time being in the Port of Rotterdam
10:03 HMM Algeciras, the largest container ship worldwide, on its way to Rotterdam

2020 May 25

11:00 Drone delivers package to vessel in the port of Rotterdam for the first time

2020 May 20

17:31 More fruit coming to Rotterdam in reefer ships due to COVID-19

2020 May 19

13:02 Navigate Rotterdam improved further thanks to data sourced from sector players

2020 May 18

18:27 Norwegian Star repatriated to Rotterdam