2023 December 8

12:11 NYK secures time charter contract with SINOPEC for LNG transportation

2023 December 6

18:02 NYK concludes time charter agreement for fuel ammonia transport

2023 November 29

15:58 WinGD debuts Variable Compression Ratio technology on NYK Line newbuilds

2023 November 20

14:59 NYK-chartered pure car and truck carrier seized near Hodeida, Yemen

2023 November 17

11:29 ENEOS Ocean, NYK Group and Stolt Tankers launch chemical ship pool business

2023 November 10

16:14 NYK launches seventh LNG-fueled PCTC

2023 October 31

12:14 NYK starts conversion of LNG fueled tugboat Sakigake to an ammonia-fueled tugboat

2023 October 20

13:54 NYK launches sixth LNG-fueled pure car and truck carrier

2023 October 18

17:43 NYK, MTI and Nabtesco launch sound-analysis tool to detect ship-equipment abnormalities

2023 October 13

12:01 World's first LNG-fueled Panamax commences operation

2023 September 29

12:31 NYK to trial mooring system to suppress hull shaking with JERA and Trelleborg Marine Systems

2023 September 26

12:41 JSE, “K”Line, MOL and NYK partner to establish global liquefied hydrogen supply chain

2023 September 25

18:07 Meyer Werft starts construction of the new cruise ship for NYK Cruises

2023 September 20

14:40 NYK participates in environmental initiative to reduce methane emissions

2023 September 11

11:12 NYK сonducts сrisis-response drill on LNG carrier

2023 August 30

11:02 ORCA AI to participate in second phase of MEGURI2040 fully autonomous ship project

2023 August 25

11:58 NYK receives contract to conduct study on marine transportation of CO2

2023 August 23

11:57 NYK’s safety management system for its offshore wind crew transfer vessel certified by ISO

2023 August 21

10:15 NYK takes stake in vehicle terminal business in Indonesia

2023 August 17

11:10 NYK to develop Japan's first bunkering boom for ammonia

2023 July 31

12:02 NYK and AIS сollaborate to systematize tugboat attendance management

2023 July 28

11:24 NYK’s Tugboat DX Project using digital technology to improve the industry

2023 July 26

12:43 LNG-fueled tugboat Sakigake conducts final LNG bunkering

2023 July 25

12:31 NYK's fifth LNG-fueled car carrier enters port of Nagoya for commemorative delivery ceremony
11:01 NYK Bulkship (Atlantic) to introduce NYK Group’s first wind-assisted ship-propulsion unit

2023 July 24

10:51 NYK Bulkship to introduce NYK Group’s first wind-assisted ship-propulsion unit

2023 July 14

10:50 NYK to build its sixth LPG dual-fuel very large LPG / ammonia carrier

2023 July 13

15:02 NYK to commence operation of crew transport vessel for Ishikari Bay new port offshore wind farm

2023 July 12

11:15 KEYS holds naming and launching ceremony for LNG bunkering vessel

2023 July 7

13:31 NYK completes vessel dismantling in Bangladesh
12:45 NYK сonducts successful biofuel trial on vessel transporting wood chips for Daio Paper

2023 July 4

16:00 Orca AI teams up with Marubeni to expand global reach of its pioneering technology
15:02 NYK joins GCMD as first Japan-headquartered strategic partner to accelerate shipping’s decarbonisation

2023 July 3

18:04 NYK recognized for achieving top tier in U.S. West Coast vessel speed reduction incentive program

2023 June 30

16:42 UECC collaborates with GoodFuels and NYK to slash carbon emissions with sustainable biofuel

2023 June 29

11:24 Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and NYK Line obtain AiP from ClassNK for ammonia and LCO2 carrier

2023 June 28

11:01 NYK to introduce world's first engine air compression system to reduce vessel GHG emissions

2023 June 23

12:25 NEDO selects NYK for the development of construction methods for the installation of cable protecting system and the development of new cable-laying vessels

2023 June 19

09:41 Asuka II cruise ship сonducts anti-piracy training exercise with Japan Coast Guard

2023 May 25

15:03 NYK exhibits zero-emission vessel at G7 Hiroshima summit

2023 May 17

15:14 WinGD solutions deliver major benefits for new NYK Line carriers

2023 May 16

17:41 NYK LNG-fueled PCTC makes first visits to Nagoya and Yokkaichi ports and participates in first LNG bunkering in Nagoya
15:04 NYK concludes long-yerm charter agreement for four new LNG carriers with EnBW
13:45 Maritime consortium successfully completes ammonia co-firing test using ammonia-fueled engine

2023 May 2

14:15 NYK to invest in the Marunouchi Climate Tech Growth Fund

2023 April 28

17:46 NYK announces delivery of the domestic coal carrier Shiranami

2023 April 3

14:59 NYK joins World Business Council for Sustainable Development

2023 March 29

11:36 NYK to make Mitsubishi Ore Transport its wholly-owned subsidiary

2023 March 13

13:13 NYK сertifies ship-recycling facility in Bangladesh
10:58 New coal carrier for the Chugoku Electric Power delivered at Oshima Shipbuilding

2023 March 9

11:06 NYK and FueLNG achieve first PCTC LNG bunkering in Singapore

2023 March 6

13:02 Astomos and NYK complete marine biofuel demonstration on LPG carrier

2023 March 2

09:41 Hiroshima Port welcomes its first LNG-fueled PCTC

2023 February 21

16:01 First Nigerian seafarer appointed as captain of LNG carrier

2023 February 16

15:14 NYK and Siemens Gamesa conclude charter agreement for crew transfer vessel for offshore wind power generation at Ishikari Bay New Port

2023 February 9

11:30 NYK offers support to victims of earthquake in southeastern Turkey

2023 February 3

15:03 NYK Line receives 1st LNG-powered car carrier from China Merchants - Offshore Energy

2023 January 31

10:14 NYK and Ghelia form business and capital alliance

2023 January 27

10:13 NYK to build its fifth LPG dual-fuel very large LPG / ammonia carrier

2023 January 26

09:41 NYK Group Europe gets new president and CEO

2023 January 19

12:06 Solar and wind power generation begins at finished-vehicle logistics terminal at Port of Tianjin, China

2023 January 11

18:06 NYK to use Starlink's satellite communication service

2023 January 10

11:24 ClassNK issues world’s first AiP for Ammonia Floating Storage and Regasification Barge

2022 December 27

12:11 ONE to acquire three container terminals on the West Coast of the U.S.

2022 December 20

16:25 HMM and NYK Bulk & Projects to collaborate in their break-bulk services between the Far East and Middle East

2022 December 7

17:44 NYK conducts successful demonstration of new cargo hold monitoring system featuring IoT sensors

2022 December 2

09:40 NYK concludes investment and strategic partnership agreements with Pertamina

2022 November 28

10:45 NYK, MTI and Elomatic complete the concept design phase of ammonia-fuel ready LNG-fueled vessel

2022 November 25

15:04 CODELCO and NYK Bulk Projects to jointly study decarbonized transportation of copper products

2022 November 21

09:56 NYK signs MoU with JERA for cooperation in transporting fuel ammonia