2019 November 8

09:37 ABS Chairman, President and CEO explains future for marine fuels

2019 November 7

15:34 ABS achieves new international safety standard

2019 November 5

15:02 ABS classes world’s biggest floating wind turbine

2019 October 14

13:11 Journey to 2050, Decarbonization, Digitalization and the Future of Safety Debated at ABS Taiwan Committee

2019 September 26

16:15 ABS grants AIP to SpaceTech4Sea Composite LNG tanks

2019 September 24

11:09 Topaz’s Caspian Voyager enters extended dry-docking scheme with ABS
07:48 ABS is a founding member of the Getting to Zero Coalition

2019 September 19

14:09 ABS announces LNG Cargo Ready notation for ethane carriers at Gastech 2019
12:40 ABS and AEC сollaborate on newbuild VLEC fleet
09:18 ABS grants AIP for two next generation gas carrier designs

2019 September 18

14:03 ABS and Samsung Heavy Industries sign digital technology
11:02 ABS and Samsung Heavy Industries to develop next generation LNG carrier

2019 September 17

10:27 ABS and Keppel partner in developing the first two new build Drilling Rigs with Smart Notations

2019 August 9

14:32 ABS appoints Global Head of Cyber Security to meet increasing industry challenges

2019 August 4

10:12 ABS hosts yacht seminar in Southampton

2019 July 15

12:30 ABS and MOL sign MOU to build up to 14 next generation gas carriers

2019 July 11

15:02 ABS and MARIN launch wind propulsion technology JIP

2019 July 1

12:10 Common Structural Rules Software updated with 2019 rules and multiple enhancements

2019 June 28

16:27 ABS publishes Advisory on Gas and Other Low Flashpoint Fuels

2019 June 25

11:58 Fuel technologies in the spotlight at ABS Hellenic Technical Committee

2019 June 24

13:02 ARIES gained ABS Certification: Middle East 1 st Remote Inspection Techniques specialist

2019 June 22

11:23 ABS to class first ‘tri-fueled’ vessel for Harvey Gulf

2019 June 14

15:00 UK maritime industry leaders debate decarbonization, digital technologies and the future of safety at the annual ABS UK National Committee meeting

2019 June 11

15:30 Pioneering ABS and MSC condition-based class program showcased at Mega Rust 2019

2019 June 10

12:36 ABS partners with Akselos for digital twin advancements

2019 June 7

18:34 ABS Supports Amver Awards Honoring Norway’s commitment to saving lives at sea

2019 June 5

15:31 ABS launches industry-shaping Low Carbon Shipping Outlook

2019 May 31

09:05 Decarbonization and digital strategies debated at ABS Hellenic Committee

2019 May 10

14:46 ABS supports ballast water compliance ahead of IMO retrofit window

2019 May 2

13:32 ABS unveils marine and offshore industries' first notations on smart technology applications

2019 May 1

14:27 ABS wins best classification award at ShipTek

2019 April 23

17:36 ABS, Google Cloud and SoftServe Partner to demonstrate feasibility of AI-enabled corrosion detection on ships and offshore structures

2019 April 19

12:10 ABS teams with industry leaders to improve container vessel safety

2019 April 18

10:09 ABS teams with industry leaders to improve container vessel safety

2019 April 8

10:07 ABS launches Global Sustainability Center to help industry transition to a low-carbon economy
08:07 ABS discusses digital technologies, automation and IMO 2050 with Northern European maritime industry leaders

2019 April 5

08:37 ABS grants two AIPs for Hudong-Zhonghua gas carrier designs

2019 April 4

10:09 ABS partners with Mission Secure to deliver new cyber technology to the maritime industry

2019 April 3

12:59 ABS CEO puts technology and safety at the heart of maritime industry transition to low-carbon future

2019 March 19

11:00 ABS expands Best Practices for Ballast Water Management Systems

2019 March 14

11:30 ABS and SecurityGate to deliver cyber risk analysis for ship industry

2019 March 11

13:30 ABS partners with SecurityGate to deliver the most in-depth cyber risk analysis in maritime

2019 March 10

13:08 ABS publishes industry-leading guidance for safe use of remote inspection technologies

2019 March 8

12:11 Arcadia Shipmanagement implements ABS Advanced Solutions EAM Program

2019 February 28

17:35 ABS expands guide for International naval ships

2019 February 26

09:05 ABS Advanced Solutions announces a first-of-its-kind cyber security solution for U.S. ports

2019 February 18

16:02 Herbert-ABS releases HECSTAB Offshore

2019 February 4

14:30 ABS and industry collaboration identifies key challenges with Ballast Water Management Systems

2019 February 1

15:04 ABS launches new Guide for Liquefied Gas Tank Barges with Remote Control and Monitoring of Essential Systems
14:01 ABS grants AIP for two Dalian Shipbuilding LNG as fuel designs

2019 January 25

10:09 ABS marks no lost time incidents during 2017 and 2018

2019 January 15

12:30 ABS grants AIP for Neptun’s wind turbine transport vessel

2018 December 7

14:08 ABS signs MOU with KOMERI to create a new facility dedicated to improving the safety of LNG as fuel

2018 November 30

10:07 ABS and GE collaborate on digital twin deployment for equipment health monitoring and prediction

2018 November 15

13:36 ABS awards industry’s first offshore facility cyber security-ready notation to Sembcorp Marine
10:51 ABS and HHI pioneer Cyber Security standard for new vessels

2018 November 9

14:17 ABS joins forces introducing space technology to shipping
13:23 ABS presents at Int'l BWT Forum in Shanghai

2018 October 31

17:27 ABS awards AIP for MARIC Dual Fuel Newcastlemax
15:02 ABS aids Greek ship operators in neeting 2020 global sulfur limit challenges