2022 January 12

11:39 Niedersachsen Ports (Germany) certified once again through EcoPorts’ environmental management standard

2021 September 21

14:07 New ESPO Green Guide 2021 outlines a vision for ports towards a green future

2021 July 21

17:17 ESPO welcomes "Fit for 55”-package

2021 July 6

15:34 Eleven ports are in the running for the ESPO award 2021

2021 June 25

11:46 European environmental certificate highlights North Sea Port’s ambition

2021 April 16

17:38 ESPO welcomes Port of Durrës as observer member

2021 April 5

18:07 ESPO calls on member states and EU to take port projects on board in the recovery and resilience plans

2021 March 30

15:30 ESPO puts forward framework to guide ports and policy makers in developing effective and intelligent approach for OPS

2021 March 15

13:00 ESPO Award 2021 to reward ports for their contribution to recovery and prosperity of local community

2020 December 8

10:50 ESPO congratulates Port of Ceuta and Peterhead Port Authority for Achieving Ecoports’ Environmental Management Standard

2020 December 2

16:56 ESPO welcomes European Parliament’s own-initiative report on revision of TEN-T guidelines

2020 October 20

15:12 ESPO congratulates Port of Valencia for renewing PERS certification

2020 September 23

14:01 ESPO expresses commitment of European ports to play their part in helping shipping sector decarbonise

2020 September 21

12:59 Algeciras, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Puertos del Estado shortlisted for 12th ESPO Award

2020 September 6

13:48 ESPO position paper on climate change adaptation

2020 July 8

10:04 ESPO says EU Taxonomy should align with already defined sectoral sustainability criteria

2020 June 30

16:41 Seven port projects to compete for ESPO Award 2020

2020 April 23

11:25 ESPO and FEPORT urge member states to enable crew changes in all ports

2020 April 13

10:44 COVID-19 exit and recovery strategy: keep European ports going

2019 November 22

15:18 ESPO wins GREEN4SEA – EUROPORT Initiative Award for EcoPorts’ environmental standard

2019 November 20

15:00 ESPO: TEN-T policy review must bring maritime links on equal footing with land links

2019 November 8

12:14 ESPO and EFIP issue joint position paper “Ports in the European Rail System”

2019 November 7

14:24 ESPO: Port – Rail connectivity must be strengthened in EU policy

2019 October 22

12:26 ESPO congratulates port of Barcelona, Vigo and Baku for getting EcoPorts’ environmental management standard

2019 October 18

14:12 ESPO publishes European port sector’s Environmental Report 2019

2019 October 7

11:09 Ports of Dover, Dublin, Stockholm and Union des Ports de France shortlisted as finalists for ESPO Award 2019

2019 September 23

13:39 ESPO Award jury puts ports of Dover, Dublin, Stockholm and UPF in final competition for Award 2019

2019 September 11

10:42 ESPO submitted proposals for review of TEN-T Regulation 1315/2013

2019 July 9

15:23 Nine port projects in running for ESPO Award 2019

2019 May 27

12:32 ESPO congratulates Port of Ceuta, Shannon Foynes Port Company and Port of Melilla for getting EcoPorts’ environmental management standard

2019 April 19

13:32 ESPO congratulates Port of Huelva for renewing EcoPorts’ environmental management standard

2019 March 29

13:50 European Ports welcome agreement on CEF II

2019 February 17

11:01 European ports welcome agreement on the European Maritime Single Window environment

2019 January 11

10:12 ESPO welcomes Clune report vote outcome remaining concerned about adding another reporting layer through creation of EU interface

2018 December 21

17:17 ESPO welcomes steps towards better enforcement for ship waste delivery but regrets ‘polluter pays’ not fully implemented

2018 November 9

12:24 Port of Rotterdam Authority wins ESPO Award 2018
12:00 ESPO re-elects Eamonn O’Reilly as Chairman

2018 October 25

18:02 ESPO welcomes draft Clune-report on European Maritime Single Window environment

2018 October 22

15:10 ESPO congratulates Port of Valencia, Ports of Bremen, Port of Moerdijk and Port of Tangier for renewing Ecoports’ Environmental Standard

2018 October 9

17:47 European Parliament strengthens ‘polluter pays’ principle for ship waste management

2018 September 24

15:20 ESPO wants more ambition on harmonisation of data, while maintaining flexibility in reporting systems

2018 September 20

17:30 Kurt Bodewig appointed as new European Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea

2018 September 11

17:40 ESPO asks to recognise the cross-border dimension of EU ports and to strengthen the maritime connectivity in CEF II

2018 June 13

18:35 ESPO congratulates Port of Dunkerque for obtaining EcoPorts’ environmental standard (PERS)

2018 June 8

14:53 ESPO calls for the full recognition of the EU added value and cross-border impact of European ports in the new CEF

2018 June 5

13:19 ESPO welcomes the Ukrainian ports as observer member

2018 June 1

18:07 ESPO congratulates Port of Rotterdam, Port of Le Havre and Port of Piraeus for renewing EcoPorts’ environmental standard

2018 May 17

16:05 ESPO congratulates seven Wadden Sea ports for obtaining EcoPorts environmental performance standard

2018 May 6

13:12 ESPO calls on the European Parliament and the Member States to support the transport budget proposal under the new CEF

2018 April 24

14:37 ESPO applauds EU role in achieving the IMO agreement on CO2 reduction target for shipping

2018 April 17

17:35 For the first time, more than 30 ports certified with EcoPorts PERS environmental standard

2018 April 5

15:37 ESPO supports EU position on IMO CO2 negotiations

2018 March 28

17:26 World Ports Sustainability Program launched

2018 March 7

13:14 ESPO asks Brexit negotiators to prioritise impact for ports in the assessment of potential post

2018 January 30

13:03 Ukrainian Sea Ports Association receives observer status at ESPO

2018 January 24

11:09 ESPO supports more efficient but responsible management of waste from ships

2018 January 22

17:05 ESPO supports more efficient but responsible management of waste from ships

2017 December 1

09:57 ESPO participates in EU platform “Women in Transport” launched on 27 November

2017 November 23

15:33 European Sea Ports Organisation welcomes a deadline for global solution on CO2 from shipping

2017 November 17

09:08 ESPO welcomes the agreement between Parliament and Council setting a deadline for global solution on CO2 from shipping