Krylov Center

2020 October 16

17:36 Krylov Center scientists developed 6.5 MW electric propulsion/steering unit

2020 July 2

17:52 Glavgosexpertiza approves expansion of access canal to Sabetta port

2020 May 18

17:42 Krylov State research Center to sell 65.5% of CDB Iceberg’s shares within four months

2019 December 24

17:42 Krylov State Research Center to develop technical design for ship servicing underwater gas pipelines

2019 September 9

15:50 Ministry of Industry and Trade drafted Presidential Decree on Integration of Zvezda and Iceberg into Modern Shipbuilding Technologies JSC

2018 November 26

17:30 Nearly 200 years of Antarctic explorations under Russian flag
16:38 Pavel Filippov at the helm of Krylov State Research Centre

2018 September 6

18:00 Russia to design unmanned icebreaker and unmanned cargo carrier for Arctic waters

2018 June 20

14:24 Small icebreakers of Project 22740 can be converted to run on LNG

2018 June 5

15:11 International Scientific & Technical Conference of students, young scientists and experts commemorates Day of Polar Researcher

2018 February 8

18:04 Multipurpose tank for testing of offshore equipment to be built in Saint-Petersburg at the premises of Krylov Center

2017 October 27

17:31 Krylov Center wins tenders on performing R&D works aimed at using gas fuel by ships

2017 October 18

09:39 Krylov Center to present its designs of LNG bunkering ships at “LNG Fleet and LNG Bunkering in Russia” conference

2017 October 16

09:55 Krylov State Research Centre took part in International Towing Tank Conference

2017 September 25

14:50 Krylov Centre at the 13th International Exhibition & Conference RAO/CIS Offshore 2017

2017 June 29

16:47 Krylov State Research Center inaugurated its electrical test unit (photo)

2017 June 28

17:40 Krylov State Research Center presents a model of multi-purpose aircraft carrier Shtorm (photo)

2017 June 27

14:44 Krylov State Research Center announces opening of its 40-MW electrical test unit on 28 June 2017

2017 June 13

17:42 Gazpromneft Marine Bunker supports conference “LNG Fleet and LNG Bunkering in Russia” as its General Sponsor

2017 June 8

13:58 Krylov State Research Center and IAA PortNews start preparing the conference “LNG Fleet and LNG Bunkering in Russia”
11:51 Innovative developments of Krylov State Research Center presented in SPIEF business agenda

2017 May 23

14:21 Design of nuclear-powered icebreaker-leader discussed at the Krylov Centre

2017 May 17

18:01 KSRC simulates pilotage of largest cruise liner at St. Petersburg Passenger Port

2017 April 18

14:05 Krylov Center performed modeling of delivering navigation spans to construction site of Crimea Bridge (photo)

2017 April 7

12:17 Krylov Centre at the International forum «Arctic – territory of dialogue»
11:52 Krylov State Research Centre receives a delegation of Chinese shipbuilders

2017 April 5

10:08 KSRC hosts meeting on regulatory framework for technical operation of hydraulic engineering structures at seaports (photo)

2017 March 23

17:55 Zelenodolsk Plant and Krylov Centre striving to expand cooperation

2017 March 10

16:37 Krylov State Research Center says takes part in Composite Expo 2017
14:38 Krylov Center is a Partner of the round-table meeting “Regulatory framework for operation of HES at seaports”

2017 February 13

17:52 Krylov State Research Centre hosted key people from the Russian Geographical Society

2016 December 23

12:19 Krylov State Research Center congratulates Novoship with the fiftieth anniversary!

2016 December 16

12:07 Krylov Centre presented its new projects at VI International forum «Arctic: today and the future»

2016 May 24

10:06 KSRC Simulation Centre carries out test simulation of tankers traffic in Sabetta (photo)

2016 May 20

10:29 Krylov State Research Center presents hydrogen fuel cell battery with electrical power of 5kW (photo)

2016 April 29

14:39 Krylov State Research Center to develop OSR programme for Gazprom

2016 April 8

09:51 Prospects in marine engineering and instrumentation for 2016-2017 discussed at Krylov Center (photo)

2016 March 18

10:38 Krylov State Research Center has developed concept design of unique research ship for Russian Federal Fisheries Agency

2016 February 20

10:38 Krylov State Research Center has designed shallow-draft supply vessel for Arctic areas (graphics)

2015 December 8

12:21 Dmitry Rogozin supports construction of nuclear-powered Leader-class icebreaker (photo)

2015 November 20

14:02 Afrikantov bureau has developed conceptual design of RITM-400 plant for Leader Icebreaker (photo)

2015 October 2

15:25 Auxiliary powerplant developed by Krylov Centre passed state acceptance trials (photo)

2015 August 20

14:20 Rosmorport cancels tender on designing of auxiliary icebreaker amid insufficient financing

2015 July 23

17:29 Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant lays down tugboat of project 23470 for Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet (photo)
13:44 Krylov Center and Nordic Yards submit bids for designing of auxiliary icebreaker for FSUE Rosmorport

2015 June 22

16:30 KSRC is broadening cooperation with DSME

2015 January 22

16:58 Krylov Center branch to supply electric propulsion system for icebreaker of Project 21180 (graphics)

2014 November 21

15:46 Rosmorrechflot’s expert council approves Krylov Center’s design of new shallow-water icebreaker (photo)