Polar Code

2019 November 12

15:59 New Joint Guidelines from ICS and OCIMF to improve safety in polar waters

2019 August 28

11:28 Importance of Polar Code stressed at Greenland summit

2018 May 17

10:29 Arctic Shipping Best Practice Information Forum launches public Web Portal

2018 May 16

16:25 New web tool to help put Polar Code into practise

2018 April 5

17:00 International Conference on Harmonized Implementation of the Polar Code took place on 22 February 2018 in Helsinki

2018 March 2

12:41 Arctia – ready for the Polar Code

2018 February 27

09:39 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim spoke at international conference on implementing the Polar Code

2017 November 24

10:45 Financial support for the Polar Code and the Sustainable Development Goals

2017 September 20

18:04 IMO talks Polar matters in Russia
09:31 RS describes procedure for obtaining of Polar Ship Certificates (photo)

2017 May 5

13:19 Russia acknowledges IMO as the only international regulator of shipping – Victor Olersky (photo)

2017 March 10

17:56 IMO Polar Code took centre stage at the Arctic Council in Juneau, Alaska, United States

2017 March 7

17:15 Norsafe wins Polar Code contract with Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding BV

2016 December 29

17:01 RS guides shipowners for compliance with Polar Code requirements

2016 December 22

15:21 RS Rules application will ensure full compliance of ships with the Polar Code

2016 October 20

17:46 ECSA: The Polar Code will protect the environment of the Arctic

2016 October 14

17:27 RS presents Guidelines on Application of Polar Code

2016 October 12

17:48 Sovcomflot takes part in Polar Code and Safety of Ice-going Ships conference

2016 October 6

10:36 Vitaly Klyuev says all NSR navigation rules of Russia included into Polar Code

2016 September 30

16:56 Amendments into Rules for Navigation in NSR waters brought up for public discussion (document)

2016 September 9

13:32 LR launches unique Polar Code offer at SMM

2016 January 20

14:32 RS to survey RF flagged ships for compliance with Polar Code

2015 September 24

17:10 RS works out guidelines to calculate safe motion regimes for vessels operating in ice covered waters (photo)

2015 May 21

11:02 IMO adopts environmental regulations on navigation in polar waters

2015 May 19

09:51 The Future of the Polar Code and the environmental issues of the Arctic region will be in the hands of the new IMO Secretary-General - expert opinion

2014 November 25

12:20 IMO adopts mandatory Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters

2014 November 17

18:34 IMO to approve new SOLAS chapter on safety measures for ships operating in polar waters