2019 January 9

17:03 MOL suspends cruises in the Port of Guam
16:33 MOL Chemical Tankers acquires the entire shares of Nordic Tankers A/S from Triton

2018 December 21

15:04 MOL conducts assessment and feasibility study of advanced navigation support system utilizing collision avoidance algorithm

2018 December 20

17:05 Uniper and MOL enter into agreement on FSRU project in Wilhelmshaven, Germany
15:04 MOL cooperates in demonstration test of class survey using drones

2018 December 18

18:21 Uniper SE and MOL enter into agreement on FSRU project in Germany, and one additional LNG transportation agreement

2018 December 15

16:23 MOL Passenger Line receives award for outstanding performance in 'Cruise of the Year 2018'

2018 December 12

18:00 Newbuilding methanol carrier for Proman Shipping named CASTARA

2018 December 10

15:58 MOL to participate in construction, ownership, operation of FSRU for Jawa 1 gas-fired IPP project in Indonesia
15:52 MOL LNG сarrier LNG Fukurokuju rescues castaway

2018 December 9

16:06 MOL to participate in construction, ownership, operation of FSRU for Jawa 1 Gas-Fired IPP Project in Indonesia

2018 November 29

15:32 MOL adds 'Snap-back zones' training session to VR-based mariner safety education tool

2018 November 27

16:41 Yamal LNG project ice-breaking LNG carrier "Vladimir Rusanov" completes first ship-to-ship transfer operation at Norway

2018 November 25

15:32 MOL to enhance initiatives on global warming

2018 November 19

18:05 MOL conducts tabletop drill for LNG carrier

2018 October 25

14:02 Mitsubishi Shipbuilding holds christening ceremony for MOL's LNG carrier

2018 October 24

16:05 MOL announces plan for trial introduction of energy-saving operation analysis service on 80 bulkcarriers

2018 October 19

13:31 MOL's newbuilt LNG carrier "MARVEL EAGLE" to transport LNG from Cameron project in U.S.

2018 October 15

18:23 MOL joins hands with partners to launch FOCUS project

2018 October 12

13:10 MOL consolidation service succeeds with trial of remote container tracking management device

2018 October 11

11:00 MOL plans to install voyage information display system on VLCC subsequently to car carrier

2018 October 10

16:02 MOL adds 2 new training sessions to mariner safety education tool using VR goggles

2018 October 5

09:17 Next-generation car carrier calls JAXPORT

2018 October 3

17:33 MOL's next-generation car carrier FLEXIE Series wins Good Design Award 2018

2018 September 28

16:27 MOL names Japan’s first LNG-fueled tugboat

2018 September 26

17:36 MOL conducts onboard test of new technology with Rolls Royce

2018 September 20

11:04 Green Corridor JIP delivers innovative bulk carrier designs for a low emissions future

2018 September 19

16:04 MOL launches new large-scale ferry Sunflower Kirishima

2018 September 18

15:04 6 MOL-operated/managed vessels earn commendations from Japan Coast Guard Regional Headquarters

2018 September 14

11:44 MOL and Marubeni sign cooperation agreement with Japanese Project Promotion Vehicle in the Far East LLC

2018 September 13

09:30 MOL Chemical Tankers comes to the port of Antwerp

2018 September 12

17:05 MOL holds naming ceremony for an ice-breaking LNG carrier "Vladimir Vize"

2018 September 11

11:39 Rolls-Royce and MOL verify enhanced navigational safety with Intelligent Awareness tests aboard passenger ferry

2018 August 30

16:04 MOL signs technology consulting agreement with Prof. Tomoharu Nagao of Yokohama National University

2018 August 22

17:17 MOL-operated Tokyo International Container Terminal reaches a major milestone of 20 million TEUs

2018 August 21

15:11 MOL announces additional investment in PKT Logistics Group, Malaysia

2018 August 9

09:49 MOL to issue Japan's 1st green bonds aimed at individual investors

2018 August 3

16:22 Auto berthing and un-berthing demonstration project selected for MLIT's FY2018 ocean transport system project
11:28 Mitsui & Co. invests in Taiwanese offshore wind farm developer Yushan Energy Taiwan, Co.

2018 August 1

10:21 MOL marks its 1st transportation service contract with Uniper as LNG Schneeweisschen goes into service

2018 July 30

12:31 MOL introduces virtual reality system Vessel View VR

2018 July 20

16:07 MOL hosts tour of cutting-edge car carrier on Marine Day for 360 students and families
12:17 Icebreaking LNG carrier "Vladimir Rusanov" first call ceremony at PetroChina LNG Jiangsu Terminal

2018 July 17

12:48 Containership MOL Truth earned 'Ship of the Year 2017'

2018 July 6

15:38 MOL to join research on advanced navigation support system leading to automatic collision avoidance function
14:48 Yamal LNG Project ice-breaking LNG carrier "Vladimir Rusanov" completes first Eastern transit via the Northern Sea Route, heading to East Asia

2018 June 29

11:00 MOL to launch 2018 annual vessel safety campaign

2018 June 25

08:23 MOL in exclusive discussions to utilize "MOL FSRU Challenger" for Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal Project

2018 June 19

12:32 MOL to make full-scale move into subsea support vessel business by acquiring stake in AKOFS of Norway

2018 June 14

14:02 MOL's newbuilding coal carrier OI MARU to serve JERA Trading

2018 June 1

11:02 MOL announces delivery of LNG carrier CESI Lianyungang for SINOPEC LNG Transport Project

2018 May 21

10:08 MOL starts selling of new "Viable Organism Analyzer" for ballast water

2018 May 17

11:04 MOL Logistics signs agency agreement with Al Madina Logistics in Oman

2018 May 15

11:01 MOL opens Haiphong International Container Terminal in Lach Huyen, Vietnam

2018 May 10

10:15 MOL plans to inaugurate in August new Maritime Academy for seafarers in Philippines

2018 May 9

14:12 MOL, KHI join hands to develop intelligence function equipped steering gear

2018 April 25

15:14 MOL expands its NVOCC business with the unified brand "MOL Worldwide Logistics"

2018 April 23

13:59 MOL сrude oil tanker rescues a castaway in the South China Sea

2018 April 9

11:02 MOL launches trial use of cooling-work suits onboard

2018 March 29

17:49 Ice-breaking LNG carrier "Vladimir Rusanov" for Yamal LNG Project started the first loading operation in the Yamal LNG plant at Sabetta Port