2022 May 17

17:26 The keel laying of Landing Platform Dock for Qatari Ministry of Defence takes place at the Palermo shipyard

2022 May 13

17:00 Fincantieri announces delivery of the newest ocean cruise ship for Viking

2022 May 12

18:21 Fincantieri delivers ocean cruise ship “VIKING MARS” to Viking

2022 May 9

14:39 Fincantieri BoD approves 1Q 2022 results

2022 April 28

18:06 Fincantieri delivers second corvette for Qatar

2022 April 14

12:53 Fincantieri to build 2 additional ships for the offshore wind farms market

2022 April 6

09:53 Fincantieri signs contract for the design and construction of an innovative stern trawler for Deutsche Fischfang Union

2022 April 4

12:10 Norway’s Eksfin grants EUR 70m ‘shopping line’ to Fincantieri

2022 April 1

16:18 Silversea christens Silver Dawn in Lisbon

2022 March 31

14:03 RINA and Fincantieri join forces in research and development
11:59 Fincantieri launches fourth corvette for Qatar

2022 March 24

17:15 Fincantieri to work with Società Italiana Dragaggi, Sales and Fincosit to expand the port of Livorno

2022 March 22

16:25 US Navy’s “Avenger”-class minesweepers fleet maintenance program to Fincantieri
10:01 Crowley awarded contract for Ice Class tanker serving U.S. Defense Department

2022 March 19

12:38 Fincantieri’ announces delivery of the first multiporpose offshore patrol ship “Thaon di Revel”

2022 March 17

11:12 150 years in Italy celebrated with Fincantieri’s 75th vessel built to LR class

2022 March 12

12:12 Construction kicks off of the new MSC Miami terminal, the largest in the United States

2022 March 2

14:23 Fincantieri launches the new class of ships “Allura” for Oceania Cruises

2022 February 25

11:11 Coin ceremony for EXPLORA I takes place at Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone

2022 February 24

12:53 Fincantieri to build 6 marine robotic vessels for Ocean Infinity

2022 February 15

13:20 Fincantieri launches the fourth PPA “Giovanni Delle Bande Nere” in Riva Trigoso

2022 February 11

12:10 BNP Paribas and Fincantieri launch the sustainability linked guarantees facility

2022 February 1

13:15 Fincantieri announces delivery of two vessels

2022 January 28

16:21 ENEA and Fincantieri team up for energy, environment, and circular economy

2022 January 26

14:13 Fincantieri’s U.S. shipyards join Green Marine

2022 January 14

15:14 The newest Viking's ocean cruise ship floats out at the shipyard in Ancona

2022 January 12

16:32 Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding begins construction of largest U.S.-built LNG barge
12:38 Production activities on the first Italian Navy’s NFS submarine start at the Muggiano shipyard

2021 December 26

16:58 STADT NAVAL approved as partner in the development of new MMPC

2021 December 24

13:10 Intesa Sanpaolo, CDP and Fincantieri sign a 300 million euro “sustainability linked” loan for the construction of a cruise ship

2021 December 23

16:05 Fincantieri delivers the first of two expedition vessels for Viking

2021 December 21

12:39 Fincantieri to build a second LSS unit for the Italian Navy

2021 December 16

13:22 Mubadala and Fincantieri will embark on collaborations to develop advanced technologies

2021 December 14

16:55 Fincantieri, Naval Group and Navantia boost their cooperation for the Modular Multirole Patrol Corvette program

2021 December 13

17:06 Fincantieri to develop the first decision intelligence platform in Italy

2021 December 11

11:06 Fincantieri confirms its leading position in the fight against climate change

2021 December 10

13:02 Fincantieri to build a fourth ship for North Star

2021 December 2

15:38 Wärtsilä wins order to supply cargo handling system for second LNG bunker vessel being built by Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding

2021 November 19

16:31 Wärtsilä completes major project with Fincantieri to renovate three Windstar Cruises vessels

2021 November 16

11:32 The Italian Coast Guard is to expand its fleet the design and construction of a new green multi-role vessel launched

2021 November 15

12:13 Silversea Cruises takes delivery of 10th ship Silver Dawn from Fincantieri in Ancona

2021 November 4

10:39 Fincantieri and Navantia agree to boost collaboration in European defence

2021 October 20

15:25 ENI and Fincantieri sign an agreement for initiatives to support the energy transition

2021 October 16

10:19 Star Pride delivered at the Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo

2021 October 7

12:42 Fincantieri and MSC celebrate the start of construction of “Explora II”

2021 October 1

13:30 Fincantieri launches the third corvette for Qatar

2021 September 6

10:52 Construction of new “Sphere” class ship for Princess Cruises begins in the Monfalcone yard

2021 September 2

16:05 Crowley and Shell to build and charter largest LNG bunker barge in US

2021 August 16

17:05 Norwegian Cruise Line's new ship Norwegian Prima floats out from her drydock at Fincantieri shipyard
11:14 Fincantieri Marine Systems NA awarded Navy's contract to provide maintenance services for Mayport homeported LCSs

2021 August 13

18:06 The first of six vessels of Norwegian Cruise Line's new Prima Class of ships floats out at the shipyard in Marghera

2021 August 9

18:27 Vard has signed the contract for the design and construction of 2 Construction Service Operations Vessels

2021 August 6

16:45 Vard signs contract for the design and construction of 2 Construction Service Operations Vessels

2021 August 5

14:21 Fincantieri appoints the new Board of Directors for the three-year period 2021-2023

2021 August 3

15:22 Vard delivers “Le Commandant Charcot” to Ponant

2021 July 31

11:12 Holland America Line takes delivery of new cruise ship at Fincantieri's Marghera shipyard

2021 July 27

11:26 MSC, Fincantieri and Snam to partner for world’s first oceangoing hydrogen-powered cruise ship

2021 July 16

16:07 The newest ocean cruise ship “Viking Mars” floated out in Ancona

2021 July 5

17:21 Fincantieri delivered “Valiant Lady” and floated out “Resilient Lady”

2021 June 14

17:46 Fincantieri and MSC celebrate the start of construction of “Explora I”,