2021 September 16

17:05 Wärtsilä cloud simulation now available on-demand via OTG’s Ocean Learning Platform

2021 September 15

12:11 Options taken on additional Knutsen OAS LNG carriers results in three more Compact Reliq orders for Wärtsilä

2021 September 13

13:02 Wärtsilä to support Hudong-Zhonghua and ABS to develop IMO2050 CII-Ready LNG carrier

2021 September 9

12:22 Wärtsilä advances carbon capture and storage in maritime as part of LINCCS consortium

2021 September 8

15:34 Wärtsilä swappable battery containers enabling inland waterway vessels to operate with zero emissions

2021 September 7

15:24 Zero Emission Services commences operation
08:59 Wärtsilä to supply complete cargo handling system for new Italian LNG bunkering vessel

2021 August 25

10:13 Karstensens Shipyard again selects Wärtsilä propulsion solutions for newbuild fishing vessels

2021 August 13

11:01 Wärtsilä 20DF dual-fuel engine upgraded to deliver more power with less energy consumption

2021 August 11

17:38 Wärtsilä’s multi-fuel engine technology the choice for two new Australian RoPax ferries

2021 August 9

10:15 AGL and Wärtsilä advance frame agreement with first energy storage project on path to grid decarbonisation

2021 August 4

16:05 DNV and Nakilat JDP works to improve vessel software reliability and quality

2021 August 3

12:22 Wärtsilä to provide efficient service support for Brazilian river tugs despite challenging operating conditions

2021 July 30

11:03 Broad scope of Wärtsilä solutions selected for OHT’s next-generation wind turbine installation vessel

2021 July 23

14:14 Wärtsilä to provide thrusters for two Chinese wind farm turbine installation vessels

2021 July 15

13:32 Wärtsilä launches major test programme towards carbon-free solutions with hydrogen and ammonia

2021 July 14

10:20 Wärtsilä’s LNG experience key to multi-engine order for new Italian ferry

2021 July 13

15:03 Wärtsilä's LNG experience key to multi-engine order for new Italian ferry

2021 July 9

17:41 Wärtsilä Navigational Simulator becomes first Interactive ‘instructor-led’ cloud training solution to gain new DNV Class D Certification

2021 June 29

17:13 Wärtsilä and Tanger Med enable first real-life digital port call for Hapag-Lloyd vessel

2021 June 24

14:20 Stena Line achieves another world first using recycled methanol to power the ferry Stena Germanica

2021 June 22

16:14 New vessel brings Furetank to the UN 2050 climate goal
11:00 Wärtsilä chosen to power British Columbia’s most environmentally advanced escort tugs

2021 June 18

14:56 Wärtsilä signs multiple vessel support agreement with Nakilat

2021 June 17

09:12 Weathernews signs strategic partnership deal with Wärtsilä

2021 June 16

11:16 Wärtsilä supports EU and Waterborne Technology Platform partnership to reach zero emissions by 2050

2021 June 10

12:31 Wärtsilä’s Sea traffic management system increases safety and efficiency of shipping on Croatian waters

2021 June 9

15:18 Novel propulsion arrangement by Wärtsilä and RINA can deliver immediate benefits

2021 June 3

11:19 Wärtsilä gets contract to supply Gas Cargo Handling Systems for Very Large Gas Carrier

2021 June 2

11:40 DSME contracted Wärtsilä to supply Gas Cargo Handling Systems for another Very Large Gas Carrier

2021 May 31

11:51 Maersk selects Wärtsilä hybrid solution to support decarbonisation efforts
10:58 Wärtsilä to supply Inert Gas Systems and Navigation Systems for six Arctic class LNG carriers

2021 May 28

15:33 Wärtsilä to develop autonomous, zero emission barge for Port of Rotterdam

2021 May 27

17:56 Wärtsilä selected to supply world’s largest bioLNG production plant

2021 May 13

14:52 Wärtsilä Cargo Handling and Fuel Supply Systems again selected for Oriental Energy vessels

2021 April 30

11:30 Wärtsilä to introduce engine plus emissions abatement package to meet Chinese marine engine emission standard

2021 April 29

12:31 Wärtsilä and Tanger Med team up to co-develop next generation port management information system

2021 April 27

16:53 Wärtsilä signs a five-year Optimised Maintenance agreement with Greece-based Latsco LNG for two large LNG carriers
13:41 Wärtsilä’s expertise and experience secures Approval in Principle for cargo containment system for Liquid CO2 Carriers

2021 April 21

16:35 Wärtsilä seeks breakthrough in clean propulsion as part of Finnish consortium

2021 April 19

15:36 Wärtsilä navigation systems to secure safe and efficient operation for 10 LNG gas carriers in Arctic operations

2021 April 15

15:44 Wärtsilä caps record-breaking year with scrubber order at Japan Marine United shipyard

2021 April 14

13:22 Wärtsilä signs an agreement with NYK and MTI to evaluate Expert Insight predictive maintenance service

2021 April 8

12:01 Wärtsilä collaborates with Finnish Border Guard in testing of Bio LNG fuel for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

2021 April 1

12:14 Wärtsilä agreements will deliver optimised maintenance and support operational reliability for Minerva Gas LNG Carriers

2021 March 31

17:26 Wärtsilä to divest its Euroatlas business to Mimir

2021 March 24

12:31 Wärtsilä signs Optimised Maintenance agreements to support Japanese LNG carriers with digital solutions

2021 March 22

14:14 Wärtsilä to deliver cargo handling and fuel supply systems for six very large LPG carrier vessels

2021 March 16

17:02 Wärtsilä highlights potential for new technological advances to enable scrubbers to tackle maritime CO2 emissions

2021 March 12

17:16 Renewal and expansion of Wärtsilä Optimised Maintenance agreement will enhance fuel efficiency and reduce carbon footprint for Van Oord dredger

2021 March 11

17:16 Zeaborn Ship Management builds on navigational excellence with Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution

2021 March 10

18:15 Wärtsilä to deliver barge-mounted 54 MW / 32 MWh energy storage system to Therma Marine, Philippines

2021 February 26

11:04 Wärtsilä and Ocean Technologies Group partner to deliver transformational learning solutions to improve safety and efficiency at sea

2021 February 12

12:01 Wärtsilä and Siem Offshore sign a 5-year Optimised Maintenance agreement to reduce carbon footprint with predictive maintenance

2021 February 10

11:17 Wärtsilä Hybrid Solution will minimise carbon footprint for new Canadian ferry

2021 February 5

15:16 Wärtsilä and SAACKE sign strategic partnership to expand their marine solution offerings

2021 February 4

11:09 Wärtsilä’s hybrid solution selected for new Isle of Man ferry

2021 January 28

10:54 Wärtsilä wins major order to provide 36 dual-fuel engines for six new LNG carrier vessels

2021 January 26

12:27 Wärtsilä participates in EU-funded project to decarbonise long-distance shipping

2021 January 25

16:05 Wärtsilä signs a five year extension to its Optimised Maintenance agreement with Golar