2016 June 16

16:33 IAA PortNews has published a photo release on launching of nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika
15:39 Gazprom Neft to commence commercial operation of Messoyakha field in September 2016

2016 June 15

15:17 Coast Guard leaders from eight Arctic nations establish framework for multi-year strategic plan

2016 June 7

09:35 FESCO's «Vasiliy Golovnin» delivered 2 000 tons of cargo to the Western Arctic

2016 June 6

10:16 Shipping must prepare for stricter black carbon emission regulations: Finns improve the reliability of international measurement techniques (photo)

2016 May 27

12:28 Nevsky Shipyard launches the lead Arctic class supply tanker of Project ST33 (photo)

2016 May 24

15:05 Priority list numbers 145 projects on development of Russia’s Arctic zone, says Dmitry Rogozin

2016 May 23

10:50 Arctic Expo Center "Nuclear-powered Icebreaker Lenin" won a prize at “InterMuseum-2016”

2016 May 18

16:18 Unloading of cargo from nuclear-powered LASH carrier Sevmorput onto shore ice is underway at Kotelniy Island (photo)

2016 May 17

17:50 “Arctic Floating University – 2016” will leave for Novaya Zemlya on June 7, 2016

2016 May 16

18:12 Delivery of construction materials commenced for RF Armed Forces’ infrastructure facilities in the Arctic (photo)

2016 May 11

11:16 Icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn to escort merchant ships to Franz Josef Land (photo)

2016 May 6

13:35 Nuclear-powered LASH carrier Sevmorput with a cargo of construction materials sets out on her Arctic voyage (photo)

2016 April 27

16:49 EU presents comprehensive Arctic strategy

2016 April 26

09:42 BSEE study shows current offshore platforms can survive sea ice

2016 April 22

14:29 Krylov State Research Center found ice protection solution for offshore oil & gas facilities (photo)

2016 April 20

11:22 Icebreaking tugboat Pur left Novorossiysk for Murmansk

2016 April 12

17:08 Gazpromneft Sakhalin says production at Russia’s new Arctic fields not to begin before 2020
16:46 Atomflot looks into extension of Vaygach and Taimyr nuclear icebreakers’ lives
16:05 New icebreaking tugboat Pur built for port Sabetta will arrive in Murmansk in May 2016

2016 March 16

17:00 Murmansk Region Governor says fishing industry requires adequate state regulation and stimulation (photo)

2016 March 11

12:29 First winter exercise on responding to oil spills held at Arctic terminal in the Ob Bay (photo)

2016 March 10

16:52 Murmansk projects can become ‘backbone points’ of Arctic development (photo)
14:20 11th Arctic Passion Seminar held at Aker Arctic on 3 March 2016
11:02 Governmental decision is required on extension of state contracts for LK-25 icebreakers, Victor Olersky says
10:00 Dmitry Rogozin insists on designation of special logistic operator for Northern Sea Route (photo)

2016 February 20

10:55 Seamen of the Northern Fleet to exchange experience of pilotage of ships with civilian specialists of the Arctic ports
10:38 Krylov State Research Center has designed shallow-draft supply vessel for Arctic areas (graphics)

2016 February 19

16:20 Analytical Center for RF Government says Arctic LNG projects to bring no profit if oil prices are below $60 per barrel

2016 February 10

17:02 Sergei Donskoi submitted to UN Commission Russia’s application on expansion of its continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean

2016 February 2

18:03 Delegation of the Murmansk Regional Government took part in the Arctic Frontiers Conference

2016 February 1

15:18 111 vessels escorted by icebreakers in Russia’s Arctic Basin from beginning of current icebreaker escort season

2016 January 18

11:40 95 vessels escorted by icebreakers in Russia’s Arctic Basin from beginning of current icebreaker escort season

2016 January 15

10:49 Arctic oceanographic expedition organized at the Northern Fleet (photo)

2015 December 16

09:42 New rescue ships to ensure development of the Northern Sea Route, Vladimir Putin says

2015 December 11

17:36 Arctic-2016 conference to take place in Moscow on February 18-19
17:05 Growing points of arctic regions’ economies were at the top of the agenda at “Arctic: today and the future” forum

2015 December 9

15:34 Murmansk Governor says the region can become a center for servicing marine activities in the Arctic

2015 November 24

11:21 Fifth annual International Forum “Arctic: Today And The Future” to be held in Saint-Petersburg on December 7-9

2015 November 20

15:23 Executive Director of Rosmorport visits Murmansk seaport
12:50 Statute of Council for Development of Northern Territories and Arctic approved at its first meeting (photo)

2015 November 18

10:45 International conference Polar Routes of the Arctic held onboard icebreaker Lenin (photo)

2015 November 13

12:01 «Krasin» icebreaker finishes summer navigation in the eastern sector of the Arctic Region

2015 November 11

12:26 CNIIMF presents conceptual design for Arctic boxship (photo)

2015 November 10

10:09 Diesel-electric ship «Vasiliy Golovnin» completes the work in the western sector of the Arctic Region (photo)

2015 November 9

11:35 Tug supply vessel Aleksandr Pushkin of the Baltic Fleet returned to Baltiysk from the Arctic

2015 October 28

14:37 International conference “The Arctic Polar Routes” to be launched within the 4th Murmansk International Business Week

2015 October 27

17:41 Lead Arctic Shuttle Tanker for Sovcomflot laid down in Korea (photo)

2015 October 12

14:21 Murmansk Region Government calls on building series of freight/passenger ships for Arctic Basin (photo)

2015 October 9

10:58 Over 500 ships and platforms for Arctic shelf development are required by 2022, says RF Ministry of Industry and Trade

2015 September 29

11:22 Northern Fleet specialists made over 20 geographic discoveries during Arctic expedition

2015 September 24

12:21 Lamor says Gazprom Neft Shelf to get its Arctic skimmer Sternmax this year (photo)

2015 September 16

17:32 Northern Fleet hydrographical expedition starts research at Novaya Zemlya Archipelago

2015 September 7

11:01 Vladimir Putin set to turn NSR into competitive transport corridor of global significance

2015 August 26

14:47 Rosgeologia wins contract to study offshore hydrocarbon prospect in the Arctic

2015 August 24

13:30 Northern Fleet interservice exercise started in the Arctic (photo)

2015 August 18

11:12 Nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy reached the North Pole (photo)

2015 August 17

11:20 Murmansk Region gains significance in production of hydrocarbons on the Arctic shelf, Marina Kovtun says (photo)

2015 August 11

09:59 Transport group of state commission for Arctic development issues confirms national status of MTH project

2015 July 27

11:59 Russian Federation’s Marine Doctrine approved