2019 January 26

12:11 GAC Norway opens new Arctic Circle branch in response to growing demand

2019 January 18

13:11 Vladimir Putin supports Government’s proposal on expanding Far East Ministry’s functions with Arctic issues

2018 December 29

10:07 Aker Arctic delivers bronze propellers for ice operations

2018 December 28

11:00 RF President signs law on Arctic administration

2018 December 24

09:50 Federation Council approves draft law on Arctic administration

2018 December 20

11:21 Issue of 3-year transition period in respect of using Russian-flagged ships in the Arctic is under consideration

2018 December 13

16:30 Murmansk Region Governor is a member of revised State Commission for Arctic Development Issues

2018 December 12

17:14 Comprehensive plan for NSR development to be ready by February 2019 – Yevgeny Ditrikh
16:49 Investments in the Arctic by 2024 estimated at RUB 5.5 trillion - Dmity Kobylkin
11:49 Yury Trutnev appointed as head of revised State Commission for Arctic Development

2018 December 11

14:48 Draft law on Arctic administration approved in the third reading by Russia’s State Duma

2018 December 7

18:01 Naming ceremony for Arctic condensate tanker Boris Sokolov held at Guangzhou Shipyard International
11:57 Montreal, Canada to host 14th Arctic Shipping Summit on 13-14 March 2019

2018 December 6

16:40 RF Navy's Northern Fleet to protection Russia’s national interests in the Arctic

2018 December 5

12:23 VIII International Forum "Arctic: Today and the Future" opened in St. Petersburg

2018 December 4

13:33 Draft law on Arctic administration approved in the second reading by Russia’s State Duma

2018 December 3

14:32 USC mulls construction of Arctic cruise ships able to accommodate 150-200 people

2018 November 21

10:56 Nobel laureate will speak at VIII International Forum "Arctic: Today and the Future" with a report on climate change

2018 November 2

18:25 Over 100 companies of oil&gas sector take part in “Arctic Shelf Development: Step by Step” conference

2018 November 1

18:05 USC has at hand an Arctic cruise ship concept: Alexey Rakhmanov

2018 October 31

09:48 VEB to finance construction of two LNG-powered Aframax tankers in the amount of RUB 12 billion

2018 October 30

14:02 LNG-powered icebreakers to compensate deficit of nuclear-powered icebreakers on the Northern Sea Route – FSUE Atomflot

2018 October 29

12:07 Proposals on support of LNG shipments by NSR to be submitted to RF Government by 20 November 2018

2018 October 26

10:39 NSR cargo traffic to be increased to 80 million tonnes – Alexander Novak

2018 October 22

18:01 Arctic Council meeting of Environment Ministers ends with talks about future cooperation

2018 October 19

15:00 International session “Cooperation in the Arctic” to be held as part of Murmansk International Business Week on 14 November 2018
09:29 Expert forecasts more favorable ice situation on Northern Sea Route for 30 years ahead

2018 October 18

16:55 PGRK: sales strategy of Pavlovskoye deposit project is focused on foreign markets

2018 October 17

10:27 Maritime Arctic Competence Center opens in Saint-Petersburg

2018 October 5

11:46 New marine technology for Arctic conditions – greater durability and lifespan

2018 October 4

18:11 Barents Gas unveils new concept of gravity-based platform for development of Arctic fields

2018 October 2

19:25 Deputy Governor of Murmansk Region spoke at Offshore Marintec Russia

2018 September 27

17:22 Murmansk Region Governor: Western coast of the Kola Bay to accommodate support bases of all companies operating in the Arctic

2018 September 26

09:39 Arctic Environment Ministers' meeting: Exploring common solutions for the Arctic environment

2018 September 18

17:52 Arctic units of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet hold amphibious assault training at Chukotka coast

2018 September 12

19:40 Famous polar travellers and researchers confirm participation in Arctic Polar Routes conference

2018 September 11

14:01 Offshore Dialogue at SMM: Nature and her treasures

2018 September 6

18:00 Russia to design unmanned icebreaker and unmanned cargo carrier for Arctic waters

2018 September 5

16:34 RF Government approves draft Agreement on Prevention of Unregulated High Seas Fishing in Arctic Ocean's Central Part

2018 September 4

13:39 Training ship of RF Navy's Baltic Fleet to cross Arctic Ocean

2018 August 31

17:54 Arctech Helsinki Shipyard is building the Arctic Icebreaking Tanker

2018 August 29

18:45 Murmansk to host 11th international conference “Arctic Shelf Development: Step by Step” on November 12-13

2018 August 23

11:09 President Vladimir Putin supports LNG as marine fuel in the Arctic

2018 August 2

12:57 Arctic Council Working Group PAME released a collection of maps and factsheets describing 18 LMEs of the Arctic

2018 July 13

14:37 Draft law on development of cruise tourism in Russia’s Arctic and Far East submitted to State Duma

2018 July 10

10:41 Hamburg, Germany will host the 13th Arctic Shipping Summit on 5-6 December 2018

2018 May 25

10:49 NOVATEK and TOTAL become partners in Arctic LNG 2 project

2018 May 22

14:10 Rosmorport continues providing icebreaker assistance in the Arctic Basin
12:42 IMO approves joint RF/USA proposal on regulation of shipping in the Bering Strait (photo)
10:37 Presidents of Iceland and Finland discussed Arctic matters on board IB Urho

2018 May 21

09:38 NOVATEK creates Maritime Arctic Transport Company

2018 May 17

10:56 Russia’s Accounts Chamber not to back draft law of Rosatom on NSR and Arctic infrastructure

2018 May 16

15:40 Aker Arctic: construction of dual-fuel ships is a trend of Arctic shipbuilding (photo release)

2018 April 17

12:58 Authorities and researchers to seek solutions to Arctic navigation

2018 April 11

18:20 Atomflot will need four 40-MW icebreakers running on LNG

2018 April 9

11:43 Budget allocations for design and construction of North Pole ice-resistant self-propelled platform to total RUB 6,966.6 million (document)

2018 April 5

17:00 International Conference on Harmonized Implementation of the Polar Code took place on 22 February 2018 in Helsinki

2018 March 27

16:54 NRSC ships deliver cargo for construction of Arctic LNG 2 (photo)
11:21 NOVATEK and COSCO SHIPPING to expand Arctic transportation collaboration

2018 March 19

11:30 13th Arctic Passion Seminar held in Helsinki