2021 December 2

14:55 Two more LK-60 icebreakers needed for regular year-round navigation on Northern Sea Route
14:04 Nuclear-powered icebreaker Sibir to commence operation in Kara Sea in early January 2022 – Vyacheslav Ruksha

2021 October 18

17:53 NOVATEK held its first Arctic LNG Projects Shipowners Conference

2021 September 21

15:36 Hydrographic survey vessel Gorizont returns from the Arctic expedition

2021 September 8

16:25 Marubeni and MOL sign MoU with the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Development of the Far East and the Arctic Regions
15:21 NOVATEK obtains Arkticheskoye and Neytinskoye fields
10:11 Readiness of ice-resistant self-propelled platform North Pole estimated at 85%

2021 August 26

16:21 Rosneft begins unique geological research on the Eastern Arctic shelf

2021 August 2

19:09 Seven dredging ships deployed for operation on Sea Canal in the Gulf of Ob

2021 July 23

17:41 ROSATOM and Aeon Corporation agree to Arctic shipping cooperation
16:30 ROSATOM and Moscow State University’s Marine Research Centre sign cooperation agreement on environmental impact assessment in Arctic
13:40 RosGeo: Deposits in shallow waters and estuaries should be taken into account when developing Arctic resources

2021 July 22

19:00 Northern Sea Route cargo traffic rose by 2.59% to 17,047,282 tonnes YTD

2021 July 21

14:49 Lena River United Shipping Company opens Arctic navigation season

2021 July 2

10:09 Nuclear-powered icebreakers of Rosatomflot assisted 553 ship calls in winter-spring navigation season

2021 June 23

12:30 Navigation season opens at Provideniya, Anadyr and Egvekinot ports

2021 June 18

13:48 The Lepse floating maintenance base no longer poses a nuclear threat to the Arctic

2021 May 24

18:05 Obernon to establish shipping company for cargo transportation by NSR

2021 May 17

14:09 Russia approves its Arctic Council Chairmanship program for 2021–2023

2021 May 13

15:37 12th Arctic Council Ministerial meeting convenes in Reykjavík

2021 April 19

16:49 Rosmorport continues ensuring safe pilotage of gas tankers arriving from Russian Arctic to LNG handling facility
15:36 Wärtsilä navigation systems to secure safe and efficient operation for 10 LNG gas carriers in Arctic operations
12:02 RF Government approves roadmap on implementation of Arctic Development Strategy

2021 April 17

12:33 Contract for two new car and passenger ferries for TT-Line strengthens RMC's order book significantly

2021 April 16

17:14 Rosatom estimates demand for tankers and bulkers needed under Arctic project till 2028 at 40 units

2021 April 15

11:29 Atomflot estimates technical readiness of icebreaker Sibir at 88%
10:17 Traffic along the Northern Sea Route may become year-round in the near future – Vladimir Putin

2021 April 6

09:40 RF Government approves state programme for Arctic development

2021 April 2

11:46 RF Government approves investment of RUB 7 billion in construction of hydrographic ship for Arctic
11:08 MSC says black carbon, environmental impacts prohibit Arctic passage for cargo

2021 March 24

17:35 Rosatom offers comprehensive package of services to investors in Arctic projects
16:51 Expert considers investments in alternative sources of energy as viable option for Arctic
11:24 Arctic Ports Forum opens in Arkhangelsk

2021 March 16

16:12 Murmansk Commercial Seaport shipped over 15,000 tonnes of cargo bound for Russia’s Arctic projects

2021 March 15

16:28 Russia’s Arctic to need 8 nuclear-powered icebreakers by 2030

2021 March 11

11:46 Russian scientists developed composite-based floating modules for Arctic infrastructure projects

2021 February 20

10:49 LNG carrier Christophe de Margerie arrived in Sabetta

2021 February 10

12:53 Control procedures simplified at Arctic Zone checkpoints

2021 February 1

18:05 Six large investment projects to be implemented in Russia’s Arctic Zone

2021 January 27

10:39 Arctic infrastructure development through shipbuilding technologies to be discussed at PortNews’ Congress on March 10-11

2021 January 13

09:54 Aleksandr Krutikov steps down from his position of First Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic

2020 December 21

14:32 Tenders for the Arctic rescue and salvage vessels contracts to be announced in H1, 2021

2020 December 1

16:24 Sea Terminal “Tuloma” obtaines status of Arctic Capital PDA resident

2020 November 26

17:24 Rosneft conducts stratigraphic drilling on Arctic shelf

2020 November 20

17:49 Senior Arctic Officials’ plenary meeting held in a virtual format

2020 November 2

11:13 Russia’s ad hoc bodies to submit strategy for development of transport infrastructure in Arctic Zone of RF to Gov't by 31 May 2021

2020 October 29

13:30 Rosatom looks into using barges for LNG delivery to Arctic regions

2020 October 27

09:40 Strategy for Developing the Russian Arctic Zone and Ensuring National Security until 2035 approved

2020 October 22

11:56 Private investments in infrastructure of Arkhangelsk port totaled RUB 25 billion in 7 years

2020 October 14

11:43 ROSGEO completed unique geophysical surveys to identify external boundaries of Russian continental shelf

2020 September 25

10:29 New state programme on Arctic development in 2021-2024 drafted by Russia’s ad hoc Ministry

2020 September 18

16:30 Gazprom Nedra and Marine Rescue Service test SeaDrone MG in Arctic conditions

2020 August 28

12:04 Potential residents of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation can apply from today

2020 August 26

12:29 RF President orders to set up a commission on national interests in the Arctic

2020 August 24

12:25 The Snowflake International Arctic Station provides a stepping-stone towards advancing carbon-free technologies in the Arctic

2020 July 24

12:30 Sea Terminal “Tuloma” and Commercial Sea Port “Lavna” to apply for Arctic Capital PDA resident status

2020 July 20

15:26 Managing Company “Arctic Capital” established in Murmansk Region

2020 July 16

13:40 Russia developed proposals regarding ban on HFO use in Arctic shipping

2020 July 14

16:46 Vladimir Putin signs the package of federal laws on the system of privileges in the Arctic

2020 July 8

13:45 RF State Duma adopts a package of laws on privileges in the Arctic