2016 July 13

11:55 Rosmorport General Director inspected the process of passenger terminal construction in Murmansk

2016 June 14

14:46 Cruise navigation season opens in Murmansk

2016 May 16

16:00 Delegation of the Murmansk region will take part in the 6th International Forum “Marine Industry of Russia”

2016 April 26

19:04 Icebreakers Murmansk and Vladivostok have completed their ice trials in the Kara Sea

2016 April 12

17:56 Murmansk Region welcomes idea of shifting Lukoil’s transshipment facility from Kirkenes to Murmansk
17:37 Oil transshipment via storage tanker Umba (Murmansk) nears 1 mln t

2016 March 17

17:12 Murmansk Region and Russian Federal Fisheries Agency sign 5-year agreement on interaction (photo)

2016 March 16

17:00 Murmansk Region Governor says fishing industry requires adequate state regulation and stimulation (photo)

2016 March 10

16:52 Murmansk projects can become ‘backbone points’ of Arctic development (photo)

2016 February 29

10:50 Murmansk to host International Shipbuilding forum

2016 February 20

17:58 Bulk Carrier Georg Oldendorff to deliver 55,000 t of coal from Murmansk Commercial Seaport to Europe (photo)

2016 February 2

18:03 Delegation of the Murmansk Regional Government took part in the Arctic Frontiers Conference
11:38 Murmansk Region suggests exploring the issue of NSR cargo base

2016 February 1

16:57 Ministry of Culture suggests allowing visa-free entry for tourists coming by ferries to Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Zarubino ports

2016 January 18

13:14 RPK Nord places storage tanker Umba (Russian flag) at Murmansk port (photo)

2015 December 18

15:15 MSCC Bronka in Saint-Petersburg and off-harbour transshipment complex in Murmansk increase Russian seaports’ capacity in 2015

2015 December 11

17:05 Growing points of arctic regions’ economies were at the top of the agenda at “Arctic: today and the future” forum

2015 December 10

17:58 Throughput of Murmansk Commercial Seaport is forecasted to exceed 14.5 mln t of cargo in 2015 (photo)

2015 December 9

15:34 Murmansk Governor says the region can become a center for servicing marine activities in the Arctic
09:57 Storage tanker Umba to replace Belokamenka at offshore terminal of port Murmansk in early 2016

2015 December 8

18:00 Murmansk Region Governor suggests building oil processing infrastructure on Kola Bay’s western coast

2015 December 3

11:46 Murmansk Region will become a strategic center of Russian Arctic by 2025, regional Government says (photo)

2015 December 1

14:59 Multipurpose salvage vessel Murman arrives in Murmansk (photo)

2015 November 25

12:33 Proposals developed during IV Murmansk International Business Week will be directed to RF Govt

2015 November 20

15:23 Executive Director of Rosmorport visits Murmansk seaport
12:50 Statute of Council for Development of Northern Territories and Arctic approved at its first meeting (photo)

2015 November 12

13:47 Norilsk Nickel invests RUB 1.5 bln into modernization of its mooring facilities in Murmansk

2015 November 3

11:48 FSUE “Rosmorport” General Director makes visit to Murmansk Seaport

2015 October 28

14:37 International conference “The Arctic Polar Routes” to be launched within the 4th Murmansk International Business Week

2015 October 16

13:52 Ministerial session of Barents/Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) is taking place in Oulu

2015 October 5

15:23 Deputy General Director of FSUE Rosmorport inspects reconstruction of Murmansk Seaport's passenger terminal

2015 October 1

17:45 Throughput of port Murmansk to surge over 3-fold to 74.4 mln t by 2025

2015 June 23

10:40 RF Govt issues Order on establishment of center for construction of superlarge marine facilities in Murmansk Region

2015 June 18

16:01 Murmansk Region and Rosneft to create industrial park to support offshore exploration and oil&gas production (photo)

2015 June 4

15:39 Cruise season in Murmansk Region opens with the call of cruise ship Empress (photo)

2015 April 8

15:20 Storage tanker for Gazprom Neft to be placed at port Murmansk

2015 February 26

08:40 MTH and Murmansk Sea Fishing Port to build up concept for development of Murmansk – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky container line

2015 January 16

14:45 RF Transport Ministry set to fully implement federal part of MTH project, Victor Olersky says (photo)

2014 December 19

15:16 RF Transport Minister says Murmansk will become major port hub for Russia to take hold of continental shelf and NSR

2014 November 19

15:16 Marina Kovtun suggests that Murmansk hosts International forum “The Arctic: Territory of dialogue” in 2015 (photo)
13:24 Sea Rescue Service of Russia to get two ice-class multipurpose salvage vessels of project MPSV06 in 2015 (graphics)

2014 November 18

15:15 Murmansk region open for cooperation with foreign partners in shelf development, regional authorities say (photo)
10:13 Investments into development of Norwegian shelf to decrease by 10% to NOK 197 bln in 2015

2014 October 22

16:50 Marine Arctic School opens at Murmansk State Technical University

2014 September 5

11:45 Railway infrastructure development is forecasted to boost Murmansk Region’s coal and oil turnover to 18 and 10 mln t by 2025 (photo)