North Sea Port

2022 January 14

12:23 Volvo Car Gent extends electric drive in North Sea Port

2022 January 12

17:01 North Sea Port posts results for 2021

2021 December 17

17:15 ENGIE and Equinor investigate the possibility of producing low carbon hydrogen from natural gas in North Sea Port

2021 October 22

14:22 North Sea Port makes up for pandemic losses step by step in the first nine months of 2021

2021 October 5

10:50 North Sea Port throws its weight behind sustainable energy supplies in the Flemish ports and beyond with Flux50

2021 September 27

18:30 Gasunie and North Sea Port join forces for Zeeland hydrogen network

2021 September 9

16:31 Gadot Belgium and DFDS to move containers by water in North Sea Port from now on

2021 July 15

14:43 Cargo transhipment in North Sea Port rises in the first half of the year

2021 June 25

11:46 European environmental certificate highlights North Sea Port’s ambition

2021 June 2

14:13 Creation ‘HyXchange’ hydrogen exchange a step closer

2021 May 13

16:05 VoltH2 and Virya Energy sign cooperation agreement for development of green hydrogen plant in North Sea Port

2021 April 23

12:57 North Sea Port posts results for Q1 2021

2021 April 2

13:22 Ørsted North Sea Port to develop one of the world's largest sustainable hydrogen plants for Dutch and Belgian industry

2021 February 26

15:48 Container giant MSC to open new depot in North Sea Port

2021 January 14

14:03 North Sea Port feels reports 63.5 million tons of cargo transhipment from maritime shipping in 2020

2020 December 23

18:37 Danser Group grows towards 200,000 TEU via inland navigation in North Sea Port

2020 December 21

17:39 All-weather terminal at ArcelorMittal in North Sea Port will keep 25,000 trucks off the road

2020 December 4

18:06 Ørsted completes the construction of the largest in the Netherlands offshore wind farm
16:35 WDP builds multimodal mega-distribution centre in North Sea Port

2020 November 30

18:07 Seagoing vessels will pay a single tariff at North Sea Port from 1 January 2021

2020 November 27

17:47 Seagoing vessels mooring at North Sea Port will now pay a single tariff for the entire cross-border port area

2020 November 2

15:03 Cargill expands biodiesel production in North Sea Port with ground-breaking project

2020 October 22

12:13 Multi-million-euro project transforms CO2 into green raw material in North Sea Port

2020 October 12

16:05 North Sea Port seaborne cargo transhipment down 12.8% to 47.1 million tonnes the first nine months of 2020

2020 October 7

16:04 Ørsted and Yara production of green ammonia to contribute to North Sea Port energy transition

2020 October 5

11:22 First fully electric Volvo rolls down the production line in North Sea Port

2020 September 24

17:45 Alco Bio Fuel, Messer Benelux and IJsfabriek Strombeek once again invest in recycling CO2 in North Sea Port

2020 September 18

14:24 Goods traffic between North Sea Port and hinterland by inland waterways continues to increase

2020 September 11

13:05 Giant DFDS ship makes peak call at North Sea Port

2020 August 31

10:13 VoltH2 signs cooperation agreement with North Sea Port for development of green hydrogen plant

2020 August 24

18:10 North Sea Port adapts management

2020 August 17

17:54 World's largest construction vessel calls at North Sea Port

2020 July 21

10:22 Growth of North Sea Port in 2019 also visible in its financial results

2020 July 9

12:17 Cargo transhipment in North Sea Port falls by more than 11% in first half of year

2020 July 6

17:06 ArcelorMittal issues invitation to tender for heat network in North Sea Port

2020 June 19

19:04 €10 million in European support for international research project into tele-operated logistics and transport

2020 June 9

17:21 New tests into degassing barges in North Sea Port successful

2020 May 29

13:41 Smart Delta Resources launches project to substantially reduce CO2 emissions in Scheldt-Delta region

2020 April 14

13:30 Verbrugge Terminals starts new scheduled service between Sweden and North Sea Port

2020 April 10

16:38 North Sea Port sees 6.6-pct decline in cargo transhipment in 1Q'2020

2020 March 26

14:52 North Sea Port takes further action to keep port operational along Ghent and Zealand side

2020 March 17

17:21 North Sea Port measures to fight spread of Coronavirus

2020 February 13

16:37 European Union prepares to provide a subsidy for a project to store CO₂ from industry in Antwerp, Ghent, Zeeland and Rotterdam

2020 January 31

10:47 North Sea Port vessels may now schedule lock passages in Terneuzen some months in advance

2020 January 13

11:43 Companies propel North Sea Port to another record year with more than 71 million tonnes of goods transhipped

2019 December 23

11:28 Increases in port charges at North Sea Port below inflation once again in 2020

2019 December 19

10:48 New border inspection post for meat and animal feed under construction at North Sea Port

2019 December 9

10:31 New and largest DFDS ro-ro ship 'Hollandia Seaways' sails between Gothenburg and Ghent in North Sea Port

2019 November 29

11:41 Over half of all goods traffic between North Sea Port and hinterland travels by inland waterway shipping

2019 November 1

11:21 Inland shipping vessels in Terneuzen lock to notify North Sea Port before entering Canal

2019 October 17

16:14 North Sea Port offers online liner services

2019 October 14

09:57 North Sea Port on course for new annual record

2019 October 7

12:48 North Sea Port to have more efficient connections to European hinterland

2019 October 3

16:51 North Sea Port pushing for further innovations with PortXL
16:06 Recommendations for pipeline infrastructure in North Sea Port to realise climate ambitions

2019 September 16

13:16 North Sea Port starts testing more reliable lockage planning for scheduled services in the Terneuzen lock

2019 July 25

10:08 Ekol Logistics and Transuniverse Forwarding to build mega multimodal site in North Sea Port

2019 July 9

16:34 North Sea Port sea freight transhipments in 1H’19 totalled 36.6 mln tonnes, up 2% YoY

2019 July 5

10:22 New railway line between China and North Sea Port in Ghent takes more Volvo cars to their destinations

2019 July 2

14:02 North Sea Port posts net result of 26.4 million euros for 2018