2021 September 20 12:53

International conference “Inland waterways: strategic potential for growth” kicked off in Saint-Petersburg

The event is being held as part of NEVA 2021 zero day

International conference “Inland waterways: strategic potential for growth” has begun in Saint-Petersburg as part of NEVA Exhibition zero day. The event organized by Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping is being held with media support of IAA PortNews in mixed in-person/online format.

The participants will discuss ‘bottlenecks’ and growth factors for inland waterway transportation; strategic initiatives in the field of river transportation development: Russian and foreign experience; new technologies for extending the navigation period on northern rivers; the role of river ports and transport and logistics centers in the formation of logistics chains for the delivery of goods with the participation of inland waterway transport; navigation and hydrographic support of river navigation; digital transformation in river transport; government regulation and support mechanisms for the river industry; topical issues of design and construction of new river vessels; international cooperation in river navigation.

Project Partners: Marine research association of Kotka city (Merikotka), Finland Waterway Association (FWA), XAMK University, Admiral Makarov SUMIS, Aalto University, «Ilot», «Arctia Seahow Meritaito».