2021 September 20 14:02

Boluda Towage celebrates naming ceremony for tug quartet

On 16th September 2021, the naming ceremony of four newly-built tugs “VB BOLERO, VB RUMBA, VB FLANDES and VB SAMBA” has been held in the Port of Zeebrugge, according to the company's release.

In addition to efficient, smooth and safe shipping, sustainability is also an essential part of the concession agreement between Port Authority Zeebrugge and Boluda Towage. The newly-built tugs are complying with IMO Tier-III emissions requirements and are certified with the highest fire-fighting standards. The emissions of the tugboats, e.g. nitrogen oxides, will be reduced with 80%. Shore power also will become the norm for moored tugboats, so that these can switch off their engines when inactive and during the rest-period of the crew.

The VB BOLERO and VB RUMBA are highly manoeuvrable, high performance, environmentally friendly vessels of modern design. The 85-tonnes bollard pull ASD tugs 2813 were built at DAMEN Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam. Thanks to their operational flexibility, the tugs can be used for harbour and terminal (un)berthing operations, escort operations, firefighting operations, coastal and offshore towing operations.

The VB FLANDES and VB SAMBA, 80-tonnes bollard pull ART80-32 Advanced Rotortugs, were built at DAMEN Albwardy Sharjah Shipyard in the Emirates. The triangular propulsion configuration of Rotortug ensures a great redundancy level and faster handling, while providing enhanced safety and highly accurate manoeuvring under all circumstances.

About Boluda Towage

Boluda Towage provides tailored towage services to its customers in major ports across the globe. Boluda Towage, a family business, is one of the leading providers of maritime services worldwide. The group can be found in 78 ports, operating a fleet of over 300 tugboats in 20 countries in Europe, west-Africa, America and the Indian Ocean. The group also provides offshore and ocean towage and salvage operations.