2021 September 3 18:03

Oboronlogistics shared experience at Russian Maritime Days

On August 26, 2021, representatives of Oboronlogistics LLC took part in the Russian Maritime Days conference in St. Petersburg, which brought together leading representatives of the maritime business, Oboronlogistics says in its press release.

The conference was held in Russia for the second time and raises topical issues of the global transport and logistics business and cargo owners. Similar events are held annually in Hamburg, Istanbul, Genoa, Odessa and Riga.

The head of the Department of Foreign Economic Activity of Oboronlogistics LLC made a report on "Transportation in the Arctic", telling about the company's experience in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and about the capabilities of company’s own fleet.

Oboronlogistics is actively working in the Arctic since 2018. In the period from 2018 to 2020, about 70,000 tons of cargo (military-construction and commercial) were delivered to remote points of the Arctic, 12,000 tons of scrap metal and outdated equipment were exported as part of the Arctic cleanup program.

In 2021, the vessels of Oboronlogistics performed 3 voyages on the route Murmansk - Franz Josef Land, delivering about 24 thousand tons of construction cargo. Since the beginning of summer navigation in 2021, 2 trips on the route Murmansk - Novaya Zemlya have been completed and about 14 thousand tons of construction cargo have been transported.

In 2021, problematic issues were identified in the work in the northern direction. The pace of ship handling in the ports has significantly decreased due to their congestion. This is due to the accumulation of a large amount of cargo at the terminals, the shortage of the fleet and, in some cases, the lack of timely transportation planning.

As for unloading in almost all Arctic points the port infrastructure is either completely absent or not enough to handle oversized and heavy cargo. All this directly affects the timing and cost of transportation.

To ensure cargo transportation in the Arctic, it is necessary to create a new and modernize the existing port infrastructure, increase the icebreaker fleet, and build new means of unloading.

For its part, Oboronlogistics having gained the necessary experience is expanding its presence in the Arctic and is ready for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with potential customers and partners.

The specialists of Oboronlogistics positively assessed the participation in the conference, the opportunity to exchange contacts with brokers and bunkering companies. Potential partners have shown interest in the fleet of Oboronlogistics and transportation carried out both in the northern and southern directions.