2021 August 2 17:27

Large hydrographic survey vessel of Project 23370G, Grigory Shadrin, launched in Murmansk

Image source: RF Defence Ministry
The ship is to join RF Navy’s Northern Fleet in the middle of autumn

Large hydrographic survey vessel of Project 23370G, Grigory Shadrin, built for RF Navy’s Hydrographic Service was launched in Murmansk (Kola Bay in the Barents Sea) on 30 July 2021,  says press center of RF Defence Ministry.

The ceremony was lead by Captain 1st Rank Aleksandr Lozyuk, head of RF Navy’s Hydrographic Service, and involved officers of the Hydrographic Service. Aleksandr Lozyuk emphasized that the ship would take a rightful place among hydrographic ships of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet.

According to the statement, over the recent years the Northern Fleet has been expanded with several large hydrographic ships of Project 19920 and small hydrographic ship Nikolai Skosyrev. Last year, hydrographic ship Romuald Muklevich, joined the fleet upon completion of repair and modernization. It is now deployed for operation in the Arctic.

The Grigory Shadrin is to undergo outfitting within the coming weeks upon completion of which the ship will be tested in the Kola Bay and in the Barents Sea. 

The ship was laid down on 24 August 2020 at shipbuilding enterprise KAMPO in the Moscow Region. In early July, the modules were delivered by road transport to Murmansk shipbuilding and ship repair yard, where.

The Grigory Shadrin is the third large hydrographic boat of Project 23370G built for RF Navy.  The lead ship of the series, the Mikhail Kazansky, has joined RF Navy’s Baltic Feleet, the Aleksandr Firsov has joined the Black Sea Fleet.

The Project 23370G multifunctional modular hydrographic ships are intended for buoy servicing and hydrographic works; for installing (removing) and servicing floating warning signs; delivering service personnel, repair brigades, food, fuel and other cargoes to coastal facilities, including those located on an unequipped coast. The boat is capable of measuring depth under buoys with the help of an echo sounder. 

The boat’s displacement is 146 tonnes when fully loaded, length – 24.2, width – 8.5 m, full speed – 11.5 knots, cruising range - 600 miles, seaworthiness – up to 4-point waves, endurance (water and food for 11 crewmembers of hydrographers) – 5 days.

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Photos from the website of RF Defence Ministry