2021 July 21 14:49

Lena River United Shipping Company opens Arctic navigation season

Image source: LORP

Ships of PAO Lena River United Shipping Company (LORP) enter the sea shipping lanes. As of 21 July 2021, 185 units of LORP are in operation including 127 dry cargo carriers and 58 oil tankers. According to the company's press center, the key task today is to deliver essential cargoes to the northern settlements of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

Over the recent week, the company’s ships were being prepared for operation in the Arctic zone. Lenaneft-2030, Lenaneft-2031, Lenaneft-2054, Lenaneft-2055, Lenaneft-2063 and Lenaneft-2064 underwent inspections conducted by specialists of Navigation and Industrial Safety Services. According to Aleksandr Dalbayev, head of Zhatai Group’s Navigation Safety Service, all ships have been properly prepared for operation in the Arctic.

Lenaneft-2032 and Kapitan Shandrovsky are at the Cape Bykovy waiting for entering the Northern Sea Route, Lenaneft-2054 is at the approaches, Lenaneft-2030, Lenaneft-2031, Lenaneft-2055, Lenaneft-2063, Lenaneft-2064 and Kapitan Burkovsky are heading northwards. The Kapitan Babichev icebreaker is to come from Peledui and the Kapitan Borodkin icebreaker is to come from Zhatai. The icebreakers traditionally support ships and ATB units operating in the Arctic.

In Yakutsk, the Kapitan Orlov is being loaded with general cargo bound for the Yana river, the Vadim Tyurnev is to be loaded next.

On the Aladan river, the Mirgorod was loaded with coal bound for the Yana river. Besides, coal will be transported by SOT-1135, RT-776 with the MP-2578 barge, and Kapitan Suetin with the MP-2540 barge.

On the Indigirka river, the Ob tug with М-52 and М-23 barges delivered sand-and-gravel to Chokurdakh.

On the Yana river, ships are being prepared for accepting ships. On the Kolyma river, the Kapitan Bogatyrev was loaded with coal bound for the Indigirka river settlements.

LORP ships are actively operating in the western sector of the Northern Sea Route. The Svyatitel Innokenty is being unloaded on the Yamal peninsula, the Kapitan Pashin is approaching the port. The ships of the ‘Sibirsky’ series are delivering general cargo for Gazprom.

In Arkhangelsk, the PAK tugboat has undergone dry-docking, oil barges MN-4001 and MN-4002 have undergone inspection by RS specialists and can be loaded now. The Pak will assist the barges with oil products along the Northern Sea Route to the Anabar river.

Photos from the website of Lena River United Shipping Company