2021 July 6 11:04

Sparta IV delivered 4,000 tons of cargo to Novaya Zemlya

On June 26, 2021, the ship Sparta IV started delivering cargo to the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. During the first trip more than 4,000 tons of cargo were transported from the port of Murmansk to the port point of Belushya Guba. In total, two trips will be performed within the framework of the concluded contracts.

The first part of cargo of various categories was delivered to the port point (including construction materials and special equipment) in the interests of organizations of the Military Construction Complex of the Russian Defense Ministry engaged in the construction of social infrastructure facilities within the framework of the Arctic development program.

The materials are intended for the construction of a preschool institution for 360 places, taking into account the special natural climatic conditions of the Far North and all the necessary material and technical components. The building will be equipped with an assembly hall, various offices, a sports corner, a swimming pool and a winter greenhouse.

The accumulation of cargo in the port of Murmansk and their preparation for sea transportation were carried out in stages. Special attention was paid to the placement and fastening of the cargo, taking into account the stability of the vessel, the peculiarities of its operation in northern latitudes. All work on the delivery of goods and their unloading was carried out by the specialists of Oboronlogistics LLC on time and with proper quality.

The modern and high-speed Sparta IV became part of the fleet of Oboronlogistics in May 2018. The ship is equipped with two cargo cranes with a lifting capacity of 55 tons each, which allows you to quickly carry out cargo handling on your own.

Since July 2020, the ship has been operating in the northern direction and is based in the port of Murmansk. During the navigation of 2020, the Sparta IV t/x delivered more than 7 thousand tons of cargo to the Novaya Zemlya archipelago and took out about 2 thousand tons of scrap metal and other decommissioned cargo.