2021 May 31 13:12

BIMCO Ice Reporting for Season 2020/2021 ends

The BIMCO Baltic ice reporting season for 2020/2021 covering Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden ends, according to BIMCO's release.

For the Canadian region, some areas like the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes have ended their ice season. Though there are other areas like the Eastern Waters of Newfoundland and Labrador Coast and the East Coast waters still experiencing some last bits of the ice coverage, BIMCO ends its ice reporting 2020/2021 season for the Canadian region today and members wishing for ice information on these regions are welcome to send their enquiry to the Maritime Information department for assistance.

Members can still use the BIMCO Ice Information available online which covers information ranging from basic guidance in understanding ice navigation, the Egg Code, the Polar Code to guidance on navigating the various ice regions in the world.

In addition, BIMCO together with Witherby Publishing has released the “Ice Navigation and Seamanship Handbook”. This is a comprehensive publication that can assist all users, including a novice reader who wishes to establish a good foundation in understanding the various types of ice that exist, the different ice regions and navigational challenges experienced by ships. It also includes for the experienced ice navigator, one chapter dedicated to the applicable international, regional and local regulations and guidance that is necessary in order to ensure due compliance when operating in ice conditions.