2021 May 28 10:47

NIBULON starts new season of passenger transportation by water

NIBULON announces the beginning of its 2021 season of passenger transportation by water.

NIBULON Express high-speed passenger vessels will make trips along the Dnipro this season. The popular trips to the Kinburn Spit will be started from June. The company will also make trips by the route Nova Kakhovka-Kherson-Hola Prystan.

NIBULON has revived the fashion for water transportation and starts its fifth season of passenger trips this year.

People from Kherson region will be the first to use the NIBULON Express high-speed passenger vessels this season, as from June 4 (information will be further specified) the high-speed passenger vessels will make regular trips by the route Nova Kakhovka – Kherson - Hola Prystan. The points of embarkation/disembarkation are 55 Dniprovskyi Ave. (Nova Kakhovka), Ushakov Ave., central berth (Kherson), and central berth (Hola Prystan).

From June 19, NIBULON will make trips to the Kinburn Spit. This season the passenger transportation by this most popular route will be improved. To make the trips more convenient, separate passenger vessels will transport people from Mykolaiv and Ochakiv. Thus, more trips are offered, as well as better departure and return time.

The passenger vessels will leave Mykolaiv for the Kinburn Spit from the Kabotazhnyi Mol St. (behind NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard). The place of embarkation/disembarkation in Ochakiv is the central local beach.

To make trips by this route, the company equipped special berths at its own expense, using its fleet and diving services. All the company’s berths are modern and environmentally friendly, meeting all the safety operation requirements.