2021 May 24 15:58

Baltiysky Zavod casts second one-piece propeller for Project MR-50 product tankers

Image source: Baltiysky Zavod
The process takes about eight hours

Saint-Petersburg, Russia based Baltiysky Zavod shipyard (a company of United Shipbuilding Corporation) says it has cast the second one-piece propeller for Project MR-50 product tankers.

Three 25-ton and two 10-ton melting furnaces have been used for producing liquid metal. In the course of melting, the chemical composition and the gas content of the metal were controlled. After melting, the metal from the furnaces was poured into ladles and then successively into the casting mold through a special bowl. The metal melting process took about 8 hours.

After cooling, which is to take about several days, the product will be checked and then forwarded to the machine-tool use area.

In total, Baltic Shipyard will manufacture four all-cast bronze propellers with a diameter of 6.8 m for three Russian-built MR class product tankers.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia based Baltiysky Zavod Shipyard (Baltic Shipyard) was established in 1856 and today is a 100% subsidiary of the state-owned conglomerate United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), established by order of the Russian Government. The shipyard specializes in the construction of Rank 1 surface crafts, ice class vessels with nuclear and diesel-electric propulsion, of nuclear floating energy units and floating distilling plants.

Baltiysky Zavod has vast experience in manufacturing propellers with a full production cycle, which includes design, production of pattern equipment and castings, machining and static balancing of the finished product. Baltiysky Zavod is the only enterprise in Russia that manufactures all-cast propellers with a diameter of more than 6 meters. To date, propellers for MR-50 product tankers are the largest one-piece-cast propeller ever manufactured by the shipyard.