2021 May 19 17:47

ULCT to start handling heavy containers weighing up to 41 tonnes

The terminal continues to consistently expand its portfolio of services

Ust-Luga Container Terminal (ULCT, part of the Global Ports Group) received permission from the Federal Railway Transport Agency to carry out cargo operations with containers on railways in accordance with paragraphs 11n and 12n of Tariff Guide No. 4, Global Ports Group says in a press release.

This means that Ust-Luga Container Terminal will now be able to handle heavy containers (20 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft containers) of the maximum gross weight (up to 41 tonnes inclusively) on its own railways. Previously, the maximum weight of containers handled at ULCT was 30.48 tonnes.

High lifting capacity containers include refrigerated containers, tank containers and Open Top containers. Currently, all Global Ports terminals with a railway front have a permit to operate with heavy containers under paragraphs 11n and 12n.