2021 April 16 12:40

IMO asked to include industry standard on in-water cleaning in its on-going work

The Industry standard on in-water cleaning with capture has been submitted to support IMO’s work on the review of the Guidelines for the control and management of ships' biofouling to minimize the transfer of invasive aquatic species, according to BIMCO's release.

BIMCO led an industry working group that has developed an industry standard on in-water cleaning with capture that was published in January 2021. The industry standard will help to ensure that the in-water cleaning of a ship's hull, and niche areas including the propeller, can be carried out safely, efficiently and in an environmentally sustainable way.

In its ongoing review of its guidelines on biofouling management, the IMO has decided to strengthen the part describing in-water cleaning. The Industry standard on in-water cleaning with capture, and its accompanying explanatory notes, represent the best management practice available today and it can therefore be of valuable support to the ongoing work at the IMO.

The IMO guidelines on biofouling management are relevant for shipowners as part of their sustainability commitment to promote environmentally responsible operations. Ships will have to follow these guidelines when they are calling at New Zealand, Australia and the US, where the IMO guidelines on biofouling have formed the foundation for local legislation. The new proposal will help to make the IMO guidelines more practicable and more to the point than they are today.