2021 March 16 17:25

RS introduces new distinguishing mark POSIMOOR-FIX

The circular comes into effect on 15 April 2021

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping says a new distinguishing mark POSIMOOR-FIX has been introduced in the class notation of a ship and offshore installation fitted with position-keeping systems, as well as additional references to the Rules containing requirements for position-keeping/position mooring systems have been introduced.

The relevant Circular Letters (No. 312-11-1523c and No 314-51-1510c) are available at the official website of RS.

The POSIMOOR-FIX mark can be added to the class notation of non-self-propelled ships and facilities equipped with anchor mooring systems allowing for their safe breaking-out when operated at offshore oil & gas fields and in the framework of hydrocarbon shipping logistics.

When designing mooring systems and their components special attention is to be paid to the conditions of operation and severe external conditions.

Amendments introduced by the Circular Letter shall be applied during review and approval of the technical documentation on ships and offshore facilities contracted for construction or conversion before the Circulars’ effective dates. Starting from the effective date they shall be also applied to the operating facilities equipped with mooring/anchor positioning systems.