2021 March 5 15:44

Throughput of Port Vysotsky LLC in 2M’2021 fell by 2.1% Y-o-Y

In January-February 2021, Port Vysotsky LLC handled 801,486 tonnes of cargo, which is 2.1% less as compared with the same period of the previous year (818,046 tonnes), the stevedore’s press center says.

In February 2021, Port Vysotsky handled 305,574 tonnes of export coal, down 3.8%.

In 2020, the company handled 6,791,013 tonnes of coal, up 7.7%, year-on-year.

Port Vysotsky LLC (Port of Vysotsk, Leningrad Region) specializes in transshipment of Russian coal to the Western Europe. The port’s water area and the approach canal are 12.7 meters deep with the width of the canal totaling 200 metres.

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