2020 October 5 17:55

Oboronlogistics delivered goods to the nature reserve on Wrangel Island

In the navigation of 2020, Oboronlogistics LLC delivered food, equipment, and fuel in the interests of Wrangel Island - the northernmost state nature reserve in Russia.

Nature park on the territory of the Wrangel and Herald Islands and the adjacent waters of the Chukchi sea covers an area of more than 20,000 km2. The reserve's mission is to preserve the unique flora and fauna of the island Arctic. Control over the territory is carried out by the security service of state inspectors, whose material and technical base consists of snowmobiles, ATVs, boats, equipment, equipment and communications equipment delivered from the mainland.

In the framework of the multimodal transportation Oboronlogistics used road and sea transport. From the Moscow region, the container with the cargo arrived in the far East at the port of Vanino, where it was loaded onto the company's ship. Uploading to about. Wrangel was carried out on unequipped coast with the use of RAID boats. Oboronlogistics specialists organized loading and unloading operations, cargo transportation, and control along the entire route. Assistance was also provided in moving the economic block on the island.

All work was carried out by Oboronlogistics LLC, taking into account the requirements of the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation, the ship's crew members observed the island's protected regime, the passage and departure of the ship and unloading place was carried out along the shortest path outside the boundaries of the reserve without causing any damage to the ecosystem.

Organization of multimodal cargo transportation using different modes of transport in terms of any complexity and inaccessibility is one of the main activities of Oboronlogistics. The company specializes in solving logistics tasks on the "door-to-door" principle: starting with the delivery of the container, organization of its filling, export to the port, accumulation and formation of the ship's party, loading on the ship, sea transportation, roadside unloading on an unequipped shore, delivery from the water's edge to the final recipient, organization of container discharge and ending with its return to the ship.

Oboronlogistics Group of companies has been working in the structure of the Military construction complex of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation since 2015, providing storage and transportation of goods. Such customers as Rosoboronexport JSC, Zapsibgazprom JSC, Rostec group, Roscosmos group, enterprises of the Russian defense industry, as well as a number of large commercial organizations use complex transport and logistics services of Oboronlogistics Group enterprises.