2020 September 16 10:36

BlueWater Reporting issues transatlantic trade report

The report, “U.S.-EU collaboration signals transatlantic trade growth, but major threats persist,” looks at how a new deal reached between the United States and European Union that recently entered force has provided some potential for growth on the trade.

Although the trade deal is small, both economies suggested more collaboration could be on the horizon.

The report also looks at various headwinds that could potentially hinder the transatlantic trade.

Additionally, the report provides information on the current state of the transatlantic trade in terms of container capacity trends - specifically between the Mediterranean and North America, as well as North Europe and North America - including in-depth blanked sailing data, as well as other measures carriers are still taking to constrain capacity.

The report also provides data on how much capacity each carrier is allocating on the Mediterranean-North America and North Europe-North America lanes.

The report can be found here.

About BlueWater Reporting

BlueWater Reporting, an established research and analysis company based in Jacksonville, Fla., has an extensive database that offers various apps for users to track ocean liner operations. The apps each offer different types of data, ranging from the number of shipping services and carriers offering container vessel capacity on a given trade lane, blanked container vessel sailings on a specific trade lane, transit time data for container services and other liner services, and more! BlueWater Reporting also has an analytics department that provides in-depth reports, commentaries and charts on trends in the logistics industry.