2020 April 17 10:46

Oboronlogistics upgrades communication system of Ambal ferry

Oboronlogistics says itmade the installation of a modern communication system on the ferry Ambal, running on a railway ferry line Ust-Luga — Baltiysk.

The upgraded Inmarsat Sailor 6120 SSAS/LRIT ship station has a certificate of approval from the Russian Maritime Shipping Register, guarantees stable communication in all weather conditions, and ensures safe navigation. In addition to the main ship security alert function, the equipment also functions as an element of the long-range ship identification system and contributes to improving the safety of navigation. In accordance with current Maritime practice, the previously installed ship station will be used as a backup and backup station.

Currently, the Ambal ferry is engaged to perform important tasks for the delivery of equipment, materials and specialized medical equipment intended for the construction of a multifunctional medical center in the Kaliningrad region, and in the future will take part in events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war.

The railway ferry Ambal is a vessel of unlimited navigation area and is adapted for transporting railway rolling stock and wheeled equipment. The ferry provides transportation of various goods between Ust-Luga and the Baltic sea without passing through the territories of neighboring Baltic States. The average weight of a cargo shipment is 8,000 tons. Every month, the ferry makes 5-6 round trips. The trip time is about 40 hours.