2020 February 20 16:04

INOK TM and Admiral Makarov SUMIS sign agreement on cooperation

Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping and shipping company INOK TM have signed an agreement on cooperation in upgrading the skills of specialists and arrangement of onboard practice for the University cadets under the STCW Convention, says press center of the Admiral Makarov SUMIS.

During the meeting in Saint-Petersburg, Admiral Makarov SUMIS Rector Sergey Baryshnikov familiarized INOK TM Executive Director Stefan Lindberg with the education resources of the University including highly qualified teaching staff and modern methodical and technological facilities.

“INOK Group is one of the rapidly developing shipping companies and one of the largest managing companies in Russia, - said Stefan Lindberg. – This year, our fleet is expected to be expanded with 11 new ships built by Russian shipyards. All vessels are fitted with the most advanced equipment operation of which requires up-to-date competence. Through cooperation with the Admiral Makarov SUMIS we hope to ensure highly efficient manning of ships.”

The parties have come to an agreement to cooperate in selecting cadets of the University for practice  onboard the ships of INOK TM with a purpose of their further employment as well as professional training of specialists currently employed by the company.

When summarizing the results of the meeting, Admiral Makarov SUMIS Rector emphasized the specific role of the University in training of a wide range of specialists for the sea and river fleet
Since 2012, INOK TM provides a complete range of integrated ship management services for its clients. The company’s main focus is on health protection, safety, quality and environmental protection. Presently, INOK TM has 58 vessels in full management including oil tankers, chemical tankers, bulk carriers, general cargo ships, tugs, barges and special purpose vessels.

The Professional Development Programmes Institute (PDP Institute) was founded in March 2015 based on the Centre for Professional Development acting at that time. PDP Institute has 5 Training Centres in St. Petersburg and divisions at Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Moscow Branches of the University.

In October 2018, Maritime Arctic Competence Center was inaugurated at the premises of the Admiral Makarov University. The Center established by the initiative and with participation of FSUE Atomflot (part of Rosatom Corporation) is Russia’s first maritime educational establishment intended for training, upgrading, support of professional competence and regular re-training of personnel for the fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers of new generation.

Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping numbers over 14,000 students and cadets. Over 3,000 specialist, holders of bachelor and master degrees graduated from Admiral Makarov SUMIS every year. The University’s higher-education teaching personnel numbers over 700 people.