2019 November 11 13:42

MCB Group enters the market of insurance expertise

Marine Cargo Bureau (MCB Group) says its MCB Expertise Agency (AGENCY of CLAIMS, INSURANCE and CARGO EXPERTS MCB) is operational from 1 November 2019.

The Agency is to coordinate, support and conduct inspections worldwide to simplify settlement of issues related to cargo, responsibility and property.

The main goal of the Agency is to serve insurance companies, P&I Clubs and other clients as surveyors, correspondents and loss adjusters.

The Agency is under command of Captain Andrey Volkun, who had  been CEO of "LARS KROGIUS RUSSIA" Ltd for 18 years and has founded the same activity in "SOEX-NEVA" LLC ("SOYUZEXPERTIZA" Group in association with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia).

The Deputy Director is Senior Surveyor Sergei Voiakin, who had been engaged in expert work for 18 years already (15 years with "LARS KROGIUS" Ltd and 3 years in "SOEX-NEVA" LLC) after a successful career at sea.

“Information about the activities of MCB Expertise Agency is available at the website of Marine Cargo Bureau”, says MCB Group.

Marine Cargo Bureau (MCB) is one of the leading Russian companies specialized in safe overseas shipping services, pressure tests for a variety of containers and vessels, verification of cargo quality, third party inspection and assessment as well as developing projects for transportation of oversize and overweight cargo. Over the recent years the group of companies has considerably increased its possibilities on the use of laboratory facilities, expanded the range of equipment, the array of studies and the geography of test labs having opened its own center for the development of personnel qualifications.