2019 October 17 12:08

Oboronlogistics launched new shipping line linking ports of Novorossiysk, Tartus, Alexandria and Samsun

Oboronlogistics says it launched new shipping line linking ports of Novorossiysk (Russia), Tartus (Syria), Alexandria (Egypt) and Samsun (Turkey). The line is designed to serve enterprises and companies interested in supplying products to the Middle East. In the opposite direction ships transport light industry goods and agricultural products.

In October 2019 ship Sparta IV made the first voyage on the route. The total volume of transported cargo amounted to 4.5 thousand tons. The ship delivered industrial, construction and road equipment, food. The duration of the voyage was 20 days.

Oboronlogistics uses its transportation and logistics infrastructure in the port of Novorossiysk, including the means of loading, warehouse and terminal for the transshipment and processing of export and import goods. Ships Sparta, Sparta IV and Pizhma will be used by the company on the route. Delivery of export cargoes to Novorossiysk is carried out by Oboronlogistics throughout Russia by road and rail.

In October 2018, the Government of the Russian Federation decided to establish a special procedure for the arrival to and departure from the territory of the Russian Federation of goods transported by vessels of LLC Oboronlogistics within the framework of economic cooperation with interested countries. In this regard, on the territory of a port terminal in Novorossiysk Oboronlogistics created a zone of customs control, allowing to carry out operations of export and import cargoes.

Drue to this Oboronlogistics has the opportunity to develop international projects, create favorable conditions for Russian companies in the Middle East, as well as to increase the export/import of goods and increase the volume of Russian transportation in conditions of competition in the global logistics market.