2019 October 16 14:34

NEPTUN WERFT holds keel laying ceremony for AIDAcosma

The keel laying ceremony was held for the first block of the new cruise ship AIDAcosma for the German shipping company AIDA Cruises at NEPTUN WERFT in Warnemünde, MEYER WERFT said in its release. The traditional lucky cent was placed under the first of altogether 90 blocks by the two trainees Charleen Hoffmann (AIDA Cruises) and Kenny Schaft (NEPTUN WERFT). At the ship yard, the ship’s engine room unit is produced. AIDAcosma is scheduled to be delivered by MEYER WERFT in Papenburg in spring 2021.

These are the first ship yard to realise the innovative LNG-technology for cruise ships. “With this successful collaboration between our ship yards and our suppliers we are pioneers again”, says Tim Meyer, Managing Director of MEYER WERFT.

The engine room unit for AIDAcosma will be equipped with tanks and main engines from Caterpillar. The ship will be 337 metres long, 42 metres wide and be 183.900 GT in size.