2019 October 15 11:55

Khabarovsk Shipyard launched pontoon dock gate for city protection against floods

On 15 October 2019, Khabarovsk Shipyard (a company of the United Shipbuilding Corporation), launched a pontoon dock gate intended to protect the Southern District of Khabarovsk against floods, the shipbuilding company says in a press release.
The pontoon dock gate was built under a strict supervision of Russian River Register within the terms foreseen by the agreement. The customer of the project is the Khabarovsk Territory Government, The project documentation was developed by Vladivostok based Far-Eastern Marine Research, Design and Technology Institute (DNIIMF).

Among the ceremony participants and speakers were Sergey Afanasyev, Acting Minister of Industry of the Khabarovsk Territory; Khabarovsk Mayor Sergey Kravchuk; Pavel Polyak, head of the Customer Service at the Construction Ministry of the Khabarovsk Territory; Andrey Akimov, head of the Khabarovsk Department for Civil Defense and Emergency Situation Management.
When speaking at the ceremony, Acting General Director of Khabarovsk Shipyard Aleksandr Gordeyev emphasized that the facility was built with a proper quality within the contract terms.

Following the launching the pontoon dock gate will be prepared for trials to check its characteristics and capabilities.
The pontoon dock gate of Project ПБ75 is an element of the gate facility built under the project intended to protect the Southern District of Khabarovsk against floods from the Amur river.
With additional equipment, the pontoon can be used as a non-self-propelled barge for cargo transportation and other purposes in periods with no risk of flood.

Key particulars of the pontoon: CWL length – 75.00 m; midship width – 15.00 m; width when used as a dock gate – 4.00 m; midship depth – 4.00 m; depth when used as a dock gate – 15.00 m; design draft – 2.50 m.

Khabarovsk Shipyard is currently building an air-cushioned craft of Project СВП-50, two ships of Project А45-2 and two tugboats of Project 00440.