2019 August 15 14:33

Rotterdam Polymer Hub construction starts

The foundation works have already started, and the construction of the Rotterdam Polymer Hub logistics centre will start soon, Port of Rotterdam said in its release.

‘We’re sticking to a rigorous construction schedule’, stated Geert Van De Ven, Managing Director of Rotterdam Polymer Hub. ‘And that’s really necessary with such strict deadlines. Completion is planned for early March, and we aim to be operational by 1 April 2020.’ Rotterdam will then be bolstered by having the first logistics hub especially dedicated to polymer storage; one of the most important raw materials for the plastics industry. The construction process comprises the realisation of two warehouses, with a joint surface area of 35,000 square metres, providing 550,000 tonnes in storage capacity.

A 15,500-square-metre container yard will be constructed next to the warehouse, including a tilt platform for the storage of bulk containers.

Market interest in the ‘RTM Polymer Hub’ is certainly high. This is partly due to the increasing congestion involved in transporting from and to polymer market leader Antwerp. Van De Ven: ‘But it’s also because Maasvlakte is a particularly efficient location: with excellent connections from and to the hinterland as well as being close to the deep sea container terminals. Another really positive point is that we will be the first non-container terminal connected on the Container Exchange Route (CER).’ The CER connects container companies on Maasvlakte with one another, enabling them to minimise container exchange costs and reduce the CO2 footprint.