2019 June 3 16:30

DFDS and Stora Enso enter into an agreement for ro-ro traffic at the Port of Gothenburg

Shipping company DFDS and the forest product company Stora Enso have entered into an agreement that will impact on ro-ro traffic at the Port of Gothenburg.

The agreement will result in DFDS taking over the transport of Stora Enso products between Gothenburg and Zeebrugge. According to DFDS, 700,000 tonnes of forest products will be transported annually under the new agreement, which will run for five years with a three-year option to extend.

DFDS will take over from SOL (Swedish Orient Line), which has operated the service since 2015. The vessels Schieborg and Slingeborg, which have been used since the launch of Stora Enso's System Solution, will be purchased by DFDS and renamed Belgia Seaways and Gothia Seaways.

SOL will continue to operate as scheduled until the new arrangement comes into effect on June 17. After that date, ro-ro traffic to Belgium from the Port of Gothenburg will be as follows:

DFDS: Six sailings per week (with the vessels Belgia Seaways, Gothia Seaways, and Fionia Seaways being gradually phased in).
CLdN: Four sailings per week.
EML: Two sailings per week

DFDS: Six sailings per week.