2019 May 31 12:38

Vodohod shipping company considerably expands geography of its cruise routes from 2020

Vodohod shipping company considerably expands the geography of its cruise routes from 2020, IAA PortNews correspondent cites Victor Olersky, Chairman of Vodohod BoD, as saying at the presentation of the upgraded cruise ship Saint-Petersburg held on 30 May 2019.

According to him, in the navigation season of 2020 another upgraded ship will operate on the Yenisey river with a possibility to launch the first comfortable cruise ship on the Baikal lake from 2021 under consideration.

The cruise ship intended for Yenisey is currently undergoing modernization in the Russian Federation.

The ships are supposed to carry foreign and Russian tourists.

Besides, Victor Olersky told about Vodohod plans to enter the market of Arctic cruises. For that purpose, ice-class expedition vessels will be built able to carry tourists in the Arctic and Antarctic zones.

Vodohod shipping company is a large Russian operator of river cruises and a full cycle tour operator. The company arranges river cruises around Russia. It operates the fleet of 27 comfortable four-deck cruise ships of projects 301, 302, 92-016.