2019 February 21 17:11

Hydrographic Company to get 15 new vessels by 2024

FSUE Hydrographic Company is going to get 15 new vessels by 2024, Yury Mikhov, General Director of Hydrographic Company, said at the 2nd Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress. 

According to him, the designs are ready for two buoy tenders with a stern superstructure, two vessels with a bow superstructure, four survey crafts for shallow water operation, three buoy tenders for operation in straits and four Arc7 ships for operation in high latitudes.

By 2024, the company is going to carry out survey of 389,070 virtual kilometers. 

As of today, the Hydrographic Company numbers 253 electronic navigational charts covering the entire Northern Sea Route.

The company’s activities cover the water area of the Northern Sea Route including the coast and islands of the Arctic seas as well as mouths of Siberian rivers (Yenisei, Khatanga, Lena, Kolyma), water areas of seaports and approaches to them.

Between 2011 and 2018, annual scope of the company’s hydrographic works on the Northern Sea Route was at least 31,000 virtual kilometers.

Between 2014-2017, total scope of the company’s hydrographic works in the Gulf of Ob and the approaches to it amounted to 103,356 virtual kilometers. That work resulted in arranging of safe shipping in the area.