2017 June 16 10:49

Baltic Fleet’s repair ship PM-82 began to support the RF Navy’s ship formation in the Mediterranean Sea

In accordance with the planned rotation, the BF’s repair ship PM-82 made the transition from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea and entered into the strength of the permanent task force of the Navy, which is performing its tasks in this area, says press center of RF Defence Ministry.

PM-82 replaced its counterpart PM-138 from the Black Sea Fleet in the force, which supported the said force in the Mediterranean Sea from January to June this year.

PM-82 is the third-in-order vessel in a series composed of five Project 304 repair ships. They are designed to repair warships and vessels, their weapons and equipment in areas situated far from the main basing points.

With a total displacement of 5,660 tons, the ship’s length is more than 120 metres. The maximum speed is 13.5 knots. The cruising range is 9,000 miles. The endurance is 40 days.