2017 April 11 12:01

MSC announces enhancement of Levante Express service

MSC has announced the enhancement of its Levante Express service. The new rotations will take effect from the end of April 2017 and will be: Felixstowe - Antwerp - Rotterdam - Valencia - Beirut - Alexandria - Mersin - Iskenderun - Naples - La Spezia - Felixstowe

The new rotation will offer: 

A regular and reliable service all year round, both on Southbound and Northbound legs 

New direct service to Beirut both on Southbound and Northbound 

Scheduled connections via Beirut to the Syrian ports of Lattakia and Tartous 

Regular service from Naples to NWC ports 

Improved transit times from La Spezia to NWC ports 

The new set up will maintain the current days of call at NWC port, Egypt and Turkey

The first sailing dates planned for this service following the new implementation are: 

Southbound, KATHERINE 717A, Felixstowe ETA 27th April 2017 

Northbound, MSC LORETTA 716R, Alexandria ETD 25th April 2017