2016 September 5 14:02

Abu Dhabi Ports is one of only nine accredited organisations in the world to offer “IALA” certified course

Abu Dhabi Ports is now one of nine organisations, and the first of its kind in the UAE, accredited by the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation & Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) worldwide, the company said in its press release. Abu Dhabi Ports is also licensed from the UAE Federal Transport Authority, contributing to Abu Dhabi’s growth as a global maritime hub and centre of excellence.

Abu Dhabi Marine Services (Safeen) – an operating unit of Abu Dhabi Ports, offering a full range of navigation and harbour services to the ports and its customers – has been delivering cutting-edge Aids to Navigation (AtoN) training courses and granting completion certificates to employees. This attests to the quality and expertise of critical support services offered to shipping companies and vessels across Abu Dhabi.

Safeen employees – including the first Emirati female employee – received certificates of AtoN Level-2 training based on IALA Level-2 Model Courses, the highest internationally accredited navigational standard.

Safeen’s navigation department manages 1,198 buoys and beacons over 52 channels and waterways, covering a span of 472 kilometres across Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Ports’ Training Department has provided training to a number of entities and is looking to train their employees in AtoN Level-2 courses.

IALA is an 80-member-country organisation representing navigation services and interests worldwide. IALA publishes module courses for AtoN (Aids to Navigation) Training. Level 1 is designed for management, and Level 2 is designed for technicians.